Grapes Anniversary Novocherkassk


Breeding of new varieties and hybrids of horticultural crops is usually done by plant breeders, but there are exceptions. One of these deviations from the generally accepted norms is an interspecific hybrid of grapes called Novocherkassk's Anniversary. A new cultivator in his garden received an ordinary grower N.V. Krainov, who is known for having independently selected three well-known and large-fruited species: Transformation, Victor and Novocherkassk Jubilee. It is not known for certain about the “parents” of the Jubilee, but experts are inclined to believe that a variety has appeared by crossing Kishmish Radiant and Talisman. The “pedigree” of the brainchild of a self-taught scholar is not as important as the characteristics of the Jubilee: large fruit, excellent taste, high yield, and so on.

A detailed description of the Novocherkassk Anniversary grape variety, photos and reviews of it can be found in this article. It also provides instructions for growing a hybrid, it tells about the methods of its reproduction.

Characteristic hybrid

The first thing that catches your eye when meeting the Novocherkassk Anniversary grapes is huge beautiful clusters with large shiny berries. Not many varieties will be able to compete with the Jubilee on this basis.

Important! The average weight of grapes is 1 kg, and some of the clusters can reach a weight of three kilograms!

Grapes Anniversary Novocherkassk variety description:

  • the variety belongs to early ripening - the berries ripen on the 110-120th day, it usually occurs in the first half of August;
  • Bushes at Jubilee are very powerful, spreading;
  • grape shoots are characterized by high growth rate;
  • leaves are large, painted in dark green;
  • bunches are packed tight, look beautiful, have a conical shape;
  • the mass of each grape ranges from 12-18 grams;
  • the diameter of the berries can reach 5 cm; the average length is 4 cm;
  • the shape of the grapes is elongated, the color is pinkish-yellow (there are bushes with monochromatic berries of pink or whitish hue);
  • the rind on the fruit is dense, but is chewed well;
  • Novocherkassk’s anniversary grape pulp is tough, fleshy, contains a lot of sugar, has no additional flavors;
  • frost resistance at Jubilee is average - up to -23 degrees it can winter without shelter;
  • a variety of fungal infections is extremely rare, but prevention, nevertheless, must be carried out;
  • Because of the sweetness of grapes, wasps are often interested in grapes, so it is necessary to protect the brushes with a net or use special insect traps;
  • dense clusters tolerate transportation, can be stored for a certain time;
  • the appointment of Novocherkassk Jubilee table, this grape is good fresh, but it can be fully processed, used in winemaking;
  • the yield of the variety is high; every year, this grapes pleases not only with the size of the clusters, but also with their quantity;
  • The optimum load on the bush is 22-24 fruit shoots.
Attention! The Novocherkassk anniversary jubilee grape variety has one characteristic feature: berries gain sweetness just a few days before their technical maturity. In a short period of time, all the acid of the fruit turns into sugar.

It should be borne in mind that the anniversary of Novocherkassk is not a technical grade, which means that it is not intended for winemaking. You can make homemade wine from this variety, but in small quantities. It is more expedient to grow table grapes for fresh consumption or for sale.

Advantages and disadvantages

Those winegrowers who give birth to Novocherkassk Anniversary, rely on large-fruited and yield of this variety, because its most important advantage is abundance and presentable appearance (as evidenced by the photo).

The Jubilee has several significant advantages:

  • balanced and very pleasant taste;
  • high yield;
  • resistance to fungal diseases;
  • good frost resistance;
  • fast and strong growth of the bush;
  • suitability for transport and storage.

It would be strange if such a beautiful and large-fruited grape had no flaws at all. There is a Novocherkassk jubilee and some cons:

  • grapes require normalization and need proper pruning;
  • bushes need preventive treatment against fungal and other diseases;
  • stepchildren give a weak crop;
  • clusters of grapes have to be protected from wasps, since insects can seriously damage their presentation.
Tip! In regions with not very mild winters, it is recommended to cover the Jubilee with earth or special materials.

Agrotechnical rules

The grape variety Anniversary of Novocherkassk can not be called very capricious and demanding, but an approach to this large-fruited hybrid is needed. The grower will collect a good harvest of beautiful and tightly-filled bunches only if he provides the Jubilee with competent care and observes all the rules of planting and reproduction of this grape.

Preparing for landing

Young grape saplings sensitively react to adverse external factors, such as a decrease in temperature, wind, insufficient or elevated humidity. Therefore, for planting Novocherkassk jubilee saplings it is necessary to choose the appropriate time. Most growers consider the optimum time for planting an early ripe hybrid mid-end of April, when the air warms up to 10-15 degrees, and the soil temperature is between 8-10 degrees.

Important! Reproduction of the Jubilee can be done in a mass of ways, including grafting on one's own roots, planting seedlings and others. Not all of these methods can be implemented in the spring, for example, grafting a green cutting to a green stock is done in the fall.

The second thing the grower should consider is to choose a suitable place for the new variety. The anniversary of Novocherkassk is a strong-growing grape, therefore it will need a lot of space. It is also necessary to take care of a reliable and strong support for a massive rod. A place for grapes is better to find a sunny, located on a hill or on a plain.

Cold and strong winds are contraindicated to a heat-loving grape, so the southern wall of an economic building, fence or house is considered to be the best place to plant it.

Grapes Anniversary Novocherkassk is not too picky about the soil, but, nevertheless, it needs nutrient soil. The best option is black soil, but loam can also be used. High-lying groundwater can flush deep roots of the Jubilee, in this case, think through the drainage system.

Attention! Moisture should not stagnate in the soil under the grapes, because it can lead to rotting or infection of the roots.

Planting grapes

Multiply grapes Anniversary Novocherkassk in several ways. Most often, growers buy ready-made seedlings with an open or closed root system. In this case, it is necessary to choose the planting material correctly: the seedling must be strong and healthy, its roots are painted white, flexible and moist.

For planting Jubilee seedlings, pits are prepared with a depth of about one meter, at the bottom of which poured a layer of nutrient soil or rotted fertilizers. The roots of young grapes straighten and sprinkle with earth. After that, the ground must be compacted and poured abundantly with water. The gardener should be prepared for the fact that very soon he will need to prune the shoots and build a support, because the Jubilee vine grows very quickly.

It is much cheaper to propagate the grapes by cuttings, grafting them on green shoots. Cuttings need to prepare. To do this, their lower part is cut by 2-3 mm from the upper kidney, and the top is dipped in melted paraffin - this will help retain moisture and prevent the cuttings from drying out.

Attention! Stock is also prepared in advance. First, the entire old grape bush is pruned, then the wood is trimmed, dirt is removed. Then you need to split the vine using an ax or a sharp knife.

Before grafting, the bottom of the cutting is soaked in water or in a growth stimulator. Then, the edges of the cutting and cleft of the stock are pressed tightly so that the lower bud is on the surface. Wrap the vaccination site with material that tends to decompose. Often smear a butt with clay or perebintovyvayut polyethylene to preserve moisture. After all the procedures, shtamb inoculations pour in plenty of water.

Vineyard care

As already mentioned, the anniversary of Novocherkassk can not be called capricious, this grape is unpretentious and not too demanding to care. However, only those who can devote enough time and attention to their vineyards can wait for large harvests.

Caring for grapes Anniversary Novocherkassk is as follows:

  1. Watering the grapes is necessary as the soil dries out, while paying attention to the presence of natural precipitation in the region. However, twice during the summer, the jubilee is watered, no matter what: before the flowering of the shoots and immediately after flowering. If the bushes are not enough moisture, it will certainly affect the size of the berries and their taste.
  2. To keep the water longer in the soil, use mulch. It is best to take for this purpose humus and fill it with a three-centimeter layer, filling the near-stem circle. In addition to the retention of moisture, such a mulch will fertilize the grapes and warm its roots in cold weather.
  3. Feed Anniversary Novocherkassk need at least once a year. In the autumn they use organic matter, and in spring and summer it is better to give preference to mineral complexes. Particular attention is paid to such components as potassium and phosphorus - the yield of grapes and the taste of its fruits depend on them.
  4. Given the rapid growth of Novocherkassk's grapes, it will have to be regularly cut and rationed. Pruning is recommended in the fall or early spring, while the plant has not moved the juice. Each bush should be left no more than 24 shoots, the total number of fruit buds should be about 45 pieces. It will be more convenient to care for the grape Jubilee if the bush is shaped as a fan. Shorten shoots need once a year, before the first kidney. When the clusters are formed, they are thinned, leaving no more than one bunch of grapes on the shoot.
  5. Before the winter in the northern regions Jubilee must be covered. They use various methods and materials for warming the vine. The most convenient way is to use sackcloth and hay, which simply wraps Jubilee wood. In regions with very cold winters, the grapes are pressed to the ground, covered with soil and snow. Young saplings and cuttings are warmed even in the south of Russia.
  6. Novocherkassk’s anniversary is resistant to various diseases, but from powdery mildew and mildew prophylactic treatment should be used. Spray the whole grape bush 2-3 times per season.
Attention! Reviews of winegrowers about the sustainability of the Jubilee to diseases are very different. Some owners say high resistance of grapes, others say the need for constant preventive measures. Most likely, a lot here depends on the climate in a particular region and the method of cultivation.

Opinion on variety

Petr Ivanovich New grape Novocherkassk anniversary I bought from the very inventor of the variety - Krainova. All three seedlings survived just fine, this year the shoots have grown several times. Three years later, the bushes were already quite powerful, and we gathered the first harvest in giant clusters. I can say that my grapes were not sick. True, twice a season I worked the bushes Bordeaux liquid. The berries were very large, the maximum diameter was 5.2 cm. The clusters were large, well-stuffed, and weighed, on average, 800-1000 grams. The taste of the Jubilee is excellent, dessert. In general, we liked this grape.


Grapes Anniversary of Novocherkassk - an excellent interspecific hybrid with complex resistance to diseases and frost. This variety is perfect for growing in private households, for fresh consumption or for the purpose of selling in local markets.

Growing a hybrid is easy; you can learn more about it from the video: