Tomato Golden Königsberg: reviews, photos, yield


When tomatoes first came to Europe, they were only 2 flowers: red and yellow. Since then, the color palette of these vegetables has expanded considerably, and the yellow color has been enriched with various shades: from almost white to yellow-orange. It is these tomatoes that are most loved by many gardeners, not only for their excellent taste, but also for their undoubted benefit.

The benefits of yellow tomatoes

Scientists have found that yellow tomatoes are 2 times more healthy than red. They contain the maximum content of lycopene, which is a strong antioxidant. Its effect on the body is multifaceted up to slowing the aging of the human body. The effect increases according to age. Tetra-cis-lycopene has the same properties. It is a carotenoid pigment and exhibits antioxidant properties. Yellow tomatoes have a unique vitamin and mineral composition and the lowest calorie content of all tomatoes.

They are useful in the following diseases:

  • oncological diseases, including prostate and bladder cancer;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system - myocin, which is in the yellow varieties of tomatoes, strengthens the heart and blood vessels;
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • digestive problems.

Due to their lower acid content, they can be eaten by those for whom red sour varieties are contraindicated. Yellow varieties are the only tomatoes that can be used by allergy sufferers, as there are no allergies to them.

There are a lot of varieties of yellow-colored tomatoes. But, according to the reviews of gardeners, one of the best is Golden Konigsberg.

It is the only yellow-fruited variety among all Konigsberg and the sweetest. The variety was bred in Siberia and was originally intended for cultivation in an area where the summer is short but hot. It turned out that it also grows well in other regions, so Golden Königsberg settled in the plots of many gardeners in different parts of our country. In order to understand why he is so attracted to those who like to grow their tomatoes, look at his photo and read the full description and reviews, find out the main characteristics.

Characteristics and description of tomato

Tomato variety Golden Königsberg is indeterminate. This means that he does not stop his own growth; a gardener will have to take care of this when rationing the crop and forming a bush. If you plant it in open ground, where it grows well, the height of the bush will be up to 1.5 m. In the greenhouse, this figure is higher and reaches 2 m. Under the conditions of a short summer, the tomato Golden Königsberg is able to produce only two shoots. When forming a bush, it is left apart from the main stem, the stepson under the first flower brush, since it has great growth power. All other stepchildren should be removed regularly on a stump.

Tip! Experienced gardeners have an easy way to form 2 stems in a plant even at the stage of growing seedlings: after the formation of two true leaves, the top of the tomatoes are pinched.

Two axillary shoots and form the main stems. This method is also suitable for Tomato Golden Königsberg.

On a tomato, no more than 8 brushes are left, and in an unfavorable summer or on a weakened plant and no more than 6. Next, pinch the top, leaving 2-3 leaves above the floral brush for its best nutrition. At the same time, the harvest will be considerable, as each brush usually ties up to 6 tomatoes, the weight of the first ones is up to 400g, in the following brushes it is somewhat smaller. With good care, experienced gardeners remove a tomato from one plant to 2 buckets.

One can say of the fruits of Golden Koenigsberg that it is a combination of beauty, goodness and excellent taste. Thick golden-orange cream with a barely noticeable spout and ask for the table.

The flesh is dense, there are few seeds in the tomato, but many sugars and dry substances, so it has a rich taste that is closer to fruit than to vegetable. For this, and for the beautiful color and shape of the fruit in the people, Golden Konigsberg is sometimes called the "Siberian apricot".

In terms of ripening it belongs to the mid-season varieties. When sowing seedlings in March, the first fruits can be tasted as early as July.

Important! Tomato Golden Koenigsberg likes space. In order for the fruits to gain good weight, plant no more than 3 plants per square meter. meter.

To taste the tasty and healthy fruits of tomato Golden Königsberg, you need to work hard.

Care features

Like all mid-ripe tomatoes, the Golden Konigsberg variety is grown through seedlings. You need to sow seeds 2 months before the seedlings move to the ground. In each region, the time will be different. For the middle band, this is the end of February, the beginning of March for cultivation in the greenhouse, and the middle of March — when the tomato is planted in open ground.

Growing seedlings

Seeds before sowing need to prepare. Only well-made large seeds are selected - strong plants will grow from them. To further protect the tomatoes from diseases, they are pickled in a solution of potassium permanganate, which is popularly called potassium permanganate. More than half an hour to keep them in solution is impossible. After processing, tomato seeds should be well washed under running water, and then soak in any stimulator. This will increase the seed germination energy, will give future tomato plants Golden Königsberg strength and resistance to diseases. You can combine disinfection and stimulation by soaking the seeds in aloe juice diluted in half with water.

Seeds swell about 18 hours. After that, they are immediately sown in containers in a pre-prepared mixture of sand, purchased soil, and turfy or leafy earth in equal parts. If there is ash, it can also be added to the planting mixture. Enough Art. spoons per 1 kg of soil.

Tip! Do not forget to make holes in the landing tank so that excess water can flow.

The depth of planting is 2 cm, and the distance between adjacent seeds is 2 to 3 cm. If you are not going to pick the seedlings, you can put the seeds of Tomato Golden Königsberg in small separate cassettes or cups. In the future, the plants will need to transfer into large-capacity containers. Such tomatoes will come into fruition earlier. Immediately in a large volume of capacity to plant them can not. Roots do not have time to master a large amount, and the soil can sour.

Important! Each transplant with root injury delays the development of tomatoes, but increases the volume of the root system.

Sown seeds are covered with earth and a plastic bag is placed on the container. Best of all, Golden Koenigsberg tomato seeds germinate at a temperature of about 25 degrees, so the seed container should be kept in a warm place. As soon as the first loops of seedlings are hatching, the bag is removed, and the container is placed in the lightest and coolest place. After a few days, the temperature is raised to 20 degrees during the day and 17 at night.

Tomato plants Golden Königsberg dive as soon as 2 true leaves appear.

Attention! When picking, you can not keep the sprout for the stem. The easiest way to plant tomatoes with a teaspoon.

Watering seedlings should be moderate only with warm distilled water. During the growing season of seedlings of tomato Golden Königsberg, 2-3 supplements should be made with complex soluble mineral fertilizer containing microelements. The dosage is reduced by half from the norm for feeding in open ground.

Tip! If the seedlings do not grow well, you can add 1 drop of the preparation HB101 to the irrigation water weekly. This is a great growth stimulant.

Before moving to a permanent place, seedlings of tomato Golden Königsberg need to be taught to fresh air. To do this, it is carried out on the street, first for a short time, then it is gradually increased.

Departure after disembarkation

Planted in a well-filled with humus and fertilizers, the seedlings are watered and pritenyut, so that it quickly took root. In the future, care consists of regular watering and fertilizing. At the first stage of growth, 10 liters per square meter are poured once a week. In the period of flowering and fruit filling - 2 times a week for the same. As soon as the fruits are fully formed on all brushes, watering is reduced. Water only under the root with warm water 3 hours before sunset.

This variety of tomato is fed every decade with a full complex fertilizer, increasing the potassium rate at the beginning of flowering. Tomato Golden Königsberg has a tendency to top rot, so it will take 1-2 additional feeding with a solution of calcium nitrate at the time of formation of the first hand and after 2 weeks. This variety of tomato needs preventive treatments for diseases, especially phytophthora. At the beginning of the growing season it is possible to use chemical agents, with the beginning of flowering you need to switch to traditional methods.

Simple, but regular care will allow you to get a good harvest of tasty and healthy fruits that have a healing effect.


Yuri, 41 years old, Syzran. I like yellow tomatoes. They have a soft soft taste. The most beloved is Golden Konigsberg. Soot not one year. At first it was not very productive. I observed the plants and understood their preferences. Now I go to the greenhouse with a bucket and without a full one - I am not returning.

Elena, 32 years old, Kalyazin For me, Golden Konigsberg is a real sun in a greenhouse. Always first come to him. I love delicious fruit. They are also good in blanks, only they cannot be marinated - they are too big for cans. And what a golden and surprisingly tasty juice they make!