Climbing Rose Climbing Iceberg: landing and care


Among the flowers grown by summer residents on their plots, there is one species that does not leave anyone indifferent. These are roses. The nobility of the queen of the garden not only fascinates, but also gives the opportunity to create amazing projects. Flower growers - amateurs especially prefer the climbing grade “Iceberg”.

This is one of the most reliable and beautiful varieties. It is a kidney mutation of the floribunda white rose. Is different:

  1. Abundant and long flowering. With its help, you can create for the whole season a unique design on the wall, arch, in single landings.
  2. The ability to re-bloom. If you remove faded inflorescences in time, then in the fall you can admire beautiful flowers again.
  3. The original structure of the flower and the foliage colors. The leaves are light green with a characteristic brilliance, cupped flowers, double.
  4. Low aroma. It can be said almost does not smell.
  5. Rapid growth. In a short time it can close an unsightly wall or facade on the site.

Rose climbing grade "Iceberg" is not grown for cutting, it gives expressiveness to the floral design of the site.

Great for gardening gardens, parks, streets. Even in the curb version is used very often. This is due to her:

  • unpretentiousness;
  • winter hardiness;
  • long flowering period.

Well behaves when grown on a shtambe. Grafting is done at a height of 100-120 cm, and the crown is shaped into a ball, the optimum diameter of which is about 60 cm.

How does the rose "Iceberg" on the site

Description of roses of any kind, of course, begin with flowers.

They are a classic white color with a cream or yellow center, but when it is cool in summer, they become pink. Semi-double, diameter of one about 9 cm, on one peduncle 2-3 flowers.

The bush is average, its height is from one meter to one and a half, the shoots are light green. Blooms "Iceberg" for a long time and continuously. The arrangement of flowers resembles foliate or hybrid tea kinds of roses. Is a type of climbing roses subgroup clinging. The variety is very popular. Despite the demands on the growing conditions, this species is very popular.

Growing a climbing beauty

In order for the rose “Iceberg” to please with its beautiful flowering, it is necessary to fulfill some requirements for growing the variety. She loves:

  • sunlight;
  • soil - light, rich in humus, drained;
  • moderate humidity;
  • wind protection

If the plantation of a rosary is planned, then the soil will be cultivated to a depth of about 40 cm. But for a single planting of the Iceberg rose, they dig a hole. Its depth should be about a meter, and its diameter should be 65 cm. Then, a soil mixture consisting of humus, sand and soddy soil (1: 2: 1) is placed in the pit. A white rose “Iceberg” responds well to the addition of wood ash (bucket) or complex mineral fertilizer (150 g) when planting. For different soil should perform suitable activities. Clay - loosen with sand and enrich with humus. Sand - drain the sawdust or make compost.

Important! For the Klaimbing shrub, the Iceberg chooses a level place without depressions in which water can accumulate.

This will affect the development of the flower is not very good.

Also, the lack of sunlight or gusts of wind will lead to a decrease in the quantity and quality of flowers.

Planting roses "Iceberg" can be started as soon as the snow melts and the earth warms up a little. The best time is April. 3-4 hours before the scheduled planting time seedlings are soaked in water. This allows the plant easier to transfer planting. When planting roses varieties "Iceberg" need to pruning. Remove roots longer than 30 cm and excess shoots. On the bush there should be no more than four.

How to care

Caring for a beautiful rose provides compliance with the requirements of agricultural engineering. The peculiarities of the development of rose Climbing Iceberg are that its root system must have sufficiently small roots. This increases the amount of fluid absorbed from the soil. Therefore, do not forget that the abundance of flowers and the health of the bush depends on food and watering.

  1. Watering. Properly water the rose under the root, avoiding the ingress of water on the crown. Regular irrigation maintained in such a rhythm to prevent drying of the soil. Water is slightly warmed up so that its temperature is slightly above the environment. An adult bush requires less attention than a young one.
  2. Nutrition. Organics contribute as mulch and gradually close up in the prestvolny circle. Rosa Iceberg responds well to the introduction of humus, composts, ventilated peat. In the autumn, it is advisable to renew a layer of mulch to provide warmth to the roots for the winter.
  3. Feeding. In early summer, spend 2 dressing complex mineral fertilizer or ammonium nitrate. Replace these compounds can nettle infusion (2 buckets of grass per 200 liters of water).
  4. Preparing for the winter. It lies in the shelter of the rose bushes Iceberg. Her shoots are flexible, easily pinned to the ground. Then it is good to cover them with fir paws. In spring, the shelter is removed and loosened the soil.
  5. Crop. Conducted in the fall or spring. If the bush was cut in the fall, then this procedure is skipped in the spring. When pruning is gradually removed on the ring shoots older than three years, leaving only one or two years. Last year's growths are shortened by 3 buds.

Rosebush is very easy to set the right direction, so the variety Iceberg is so appreciated in landscape design. Photo compositions with climbing roses are very expressive.


Reviews flower growers about variety Iceberg are very good. Even novice lovers do an excellent job with caring for this beauty. Those who love white unpretentious roses - this is the most suitable option.

Tatyana Petrikovskaya, Barnaul I am a beginner gardener, so I was very worried about the varieties of climbing roses. Of the three planted this year, I consider the Iceberg to be the most successful. The survival rate is high, does not require constant attention. The flowers are beautiful, lush, the bush is very expressive even in the first year of cultivation. Excellent response to the most minimal care. My little knowledge was enough for Iceberg to meet all expectations.

Valentin Klyuev, Novorossiysk Climbing roses have been growing for many years. It is necessary to supply saplings of all friends and neighbors. The most sought-after variety was Klaimbing Iceberg, probably because of the unpretentious and very beautiful bush. It is necessary to plant it once, so that the variety has become a favorite. I recommend beginner flower growers who do not have much experience. "Iceberg" will not fail.