Tomato seedling thin and long: what to do


Growing tomato seedlings is a bit troublesome, but pleasant. It is very joyful to grow exactly the variety that fell in love. Many gardeners love to experiment and grow new varieties. Trying to find ways to get a harvest from tomatoes that have not previously been planted in their plot. But in some cases, seedlings have an unusual look. Then the question arises - why are tomato seedlings thin and long?

Seedlings tomato require certain conditions. Strong healthy tomato seedlings - the key to your harvest.

But sometimes the seedlings are strongly stretched, becoming pale and weak. In this case, many gardeners are already beginning to worry about further success. There are a lot of questions. Why was overgrown tomato seedlings? What if the seedlings tomato stretched out? How can this be corrected or avoided in the future? How to determine that your tomato seedlings are stretched. The first indicator is a large distance between the nodes.

Important factors in growing tomato seedlings

The stretched seedling does not look very good:

  • the stem is long, thin and weak;
  • the color of the seedlings and leaves is pale;
  • the whole bush is flimsy and bending.

To avoid this, it is necessary to know the basic parameters, the violation of which leads to the fact that tomato seedlings begin to stretch. We list the main ones:


Light is necessary for all plants, especially during the growing season and growth. Therefore, tomato seedlings are drawn to the light to ensure good livelihoods. The summer residents create a lack of light for seedlings themselves. Firstly, it is thick seed sowing. Each seed that needs to be hatched needs light, the seedlings begin to reach up to get enough of it. It is worth thinking that it will be better - a lot of frail seedlings and a little, but powerful and healthy. Secondly, it is easier to care for a smaller number of strong bushes of tomatoes than for a detachment of painful ones. We will have to spend more time restoring the seedlings and keeping them in good condition.

Ambient temperature

It must be maintained depending on the phase of development of seedlings. If this parameter is broken, the tomato bushes also go astray and begin to stretch.

Changing weather conditions

Growing seedlings troublesome in early spring due to the instability of climatic conditions. Growing up seedlings can be in conditions with insufficient lighting precisely when intensive growth is needed. When planning spring works, consider this factor.


Here it is necessary to maintain the norms for young plants. Excessive moistening pushes tomatoes to grow rapidly, and the seedlings at this point do not have time to assimilate a sufficient amount of nutritional components.


Excessive introduction of nutrients stimulates increased growth of stems and leaves. The harmonious development of all life processes is disturbed, and tomato seedlings are pulled out.

These are the main reasons for pulling tomato seedlings, although there are others. For example, the choice of varieties. Tall tomatoes require a bit of a different treatment. Some elite varieties also need to be maintained in different conditions. Be sure to consider these factors.

Summer residents need to understand two issues. The first is how to prevent tomato saplings from being dragged out (preventive measures). The second - what to do if the seedlings of tomatoes stretched out? Let's start with prevention. Therefore, it is better to know useful information before sowing seeds. This will save time, effort and save the budget from re-buying seeds.

Warn tomato seedlings

Why is tomato seedling drawn out? To grow tomatoes in seedlings correctly, you have to follow some simple guidelines.

Tip! Provide seedlings with adequate light.

Sow tomatoes on seedlings in early spring. At this time, the sun is still not actively giving off heat and light. When growing tomato seedlings on the windowsill, provide additional lighting. Place it on top and on the side. In this case, the seedlings will not lean in one direction. It is necessary to ensure that the degree of illumination from different sides was equal. To get tomatoes the right amount of light, gardeners use energy-saving lamps, such as fluorescent lighting.

Tomato seedlings need to ensure a full day length. It is equal to 15 hours per day. Therefore, light up the seedlings to this parameter.

The second important condition - before the appearance of tomato sprouts, place the containers in a place with air temperature from 25 ° C to 28 ° C. However, after their appearance, immediately lower the temperature to 15-17 degrees. Otherwise, with good moistening and warmth, the sprouts intensively grow, not getting stronger, which leads to extended seedlings. The indicator of properly maintained temperature will be a thick stem, dark green leaf coloring and low growth of stocky shrubs. After two or three weeks, raise the temperature to allow the seedlings to grow.

If tomato seedlings are not only stretched out, but also have acquired a pale color, then you will have to feed them. For such feeding you need urea as a source of nitrogen. It is diluted in water (1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water) and small tomatoes are watered. Then provide a cool temperature (10 ° C). Seedlings stop in growth, but restore color.

Of course, it is easier to prevent the growth of tomato seedlings, but this happens in many gardeners.

We fix bugs

And now the second option, when tomato seedlings stretched out, what to do? If some moments are missed, tomatoes have had time to outgrow, you still should not give up and you should try to correct the situation. In this case, you will have to perform some actions:

Ensure proper nutritional balance in the soil. Gardeners use stimulants and fertilizers. For example, "Athlete". The drug will stop the growth of above-ground parts of the seedlings and strengthen the root system. The action lasts a week, then repeat the procedure. Perhaps spraying tomato seedlings drug. Do not overdose! This is indicated by white spots on the leaves. After a while they will disappear and then you can continue.

Another option to reduce growth:

If the seedlings have greatly overgrown, then each stem can be cut into two parts.

Important! Cut on the seedling stem after the fifth leaf.

The upper part is placed in a container with water for the development of roots. It will take about 7 days. As soon as good roots appear, the seedling is placed in a planting pot with nutrient soil.

It will take root, and you get an extra bush of tomatoes. As soon as the upper shoot reaches a size of 5 cm, remove all the lower stems. This procedure needs to be done 18-20 days before planting the tomato seedlings for permanent residence (open ground or greenhouse).

The second way to save seedlings is used when planting. For this, the extended stem is buried in the ground. Do not dig a deep hole and plant tomato seedlings in cold land. It is enough to dig shallow grooves (up to 10 cm), put nutritious soil mixture and cover with water. After absorbing moisture, place the seedlings, putting them on the bottom of the groove. Keep a distance of 50 cm between the tops of the bushes.

Attention! Lay the plants to the south. In this case, the stem is better straightened, reaching for the sun.

On the underlying stem, additional roots are formed, and tomato seedlings will be strong and healthy.

Experimental gardeners use Mltlider's advice to trim the lower leaves on seedlings. This is done as soon as the leaves of neighboring seedlings begin to touch. Stress makes tomato seedlings stop growing for a week.

All of these methods work, try and grow strong tomato seedlings for your site.