Unusual varieties of multi-colored carrots


Carrots remain one of the most common and useful vegetable crops. Today there are many hybrids. They differ in size, ripening, taste and even color. In addition to the usual orange carrots, you can grow on your site yellow, red, white and purple root vegetables.

What determines the color of vegetables

As already noted, vegetables can have a wide range of shades. Color carrots differ in the content of other plant pigments. These substances not only add color to the fruit, but also have a positive effect on the body. The following shows which pigments form the color of carrots and other vegetables.

  1. Carotene (provitamin A) gives the fruit an orange color.
  2. Lutein is responsible for the yellow color.
  3. Anthocyanin forms a purple, purple and black color.
  4. Lycopene gives a rich red hue.
  5. Betaine causes a burgundy color.

These substances are beneficial to the human body. They improve the condition of blood vessels, stimulate the immune system, improve eyesight and act as antioxidants.

The varieties of yellow, white and red carrots are resistant colors. But the purple roots lose their color during heat treatment. Therefore, they are more often used for salads and cold dishes. It is worth considering that the purple carrot stains all the products with which it comes into contact.

Some varieties of purple

Multi-colored vegetables decorate dishes and salads. There are many varieties of purple carrots. Some varieties have an orange core, others are evenly colored. The following is an overview of the most common items.


This purple carrot has an orange core. Treats early ripe grades. The length of the root is 20-25 cm, diameter up to 3 cm. The shape is elongated, conical. It has a pleasant, spicy taste. It has an unusual flavor that passes during the cooking process.

Purple Haze F1

This hybrid is characterized by the same color: a purple surface and an orange core. As a result of heat treatment, the color is lost. Therefore, the fruits are recommended for fresh consumption.

Purple Sun F1

Hybrid bears fruit, entirely painted in purple. The plant is resistant to disease. Carrots have a high level of antioxidants. Excellent taste, often used for making juice.

Cosmic purple

The plant bears purple outside with an orange heart. One of the most common varieties. Differs in the short period of maturing.

Yellow carrot varieties

Yellow carrot tastes sweeter than orange. Dishes of home cooking will look more elegant if there are solar rings or bars in them. Such an additive will make vitamin salad more appetizing for babies. To grow yellow carrots, you need to stock up on seeds of the following varieties.


These root crops have yellow canary color. Carrots are used both fresh and stewed. Refers to late varieties. Root crops are large - about 20-25 cm, the average weight is 200 g. They grow in the form of a spindle. Differ in high productivity.

Solar yellow

Variety bears bright yellow color. Carrot grows 16-19 cm in length. It has juicy and crunchy flesh.

Jaune de doubs

This carrot variety originated from France and has a long history. Fruits are yellow, painted evenly. They grow in the form of a cone, rather large - about 15-30 cm. They have an excellent taste - sweet and juicy. Carrots are well preserved, they are used both fresh and for cooking.


Carrot variety of intense yellow color. Root crops are painted evenly. A great addition to summer vitamin salads. Fruits grow from 12 to 17 cm long. Possess juicy and crispy flesh. Well preserved.


Another variety of bright yellow carrots. Painted evenly, has a slightly sweet taste. Root crops grow about 15 cm long. Mature within 80 days. It is used to prepare salads, pilau and other dishes. Suitable for children's kitchen.

White varieties and their differences

White carrot varieties may vary in shade. Their flesh is sweet and crispy anyway. These vegetables will be a good addition to summer salads and other dishes.

White Satin F1

This white carrot variety is considered one of the best. The root crop has snow-white color, an equal surface. The flesh is juicy, has a sweet taste, pleasantly crunch.

Lunar white

One of the recently bred varieties. It brings quite large root crops, they reach 30 cm in length. The surface is almost white in color, the flesh is tender and pleasant to the taste. Harvest can be harvested as ripe, and very young.

Important! Root varieties Lunar White should be entirely in the ground, it will help prevent the greening of the top.

Crème de Lite (Pure Cream)

The grade brings uniformly colored fruits of a creamy shade. Possess sweet, juicy pulp. The variety is early ripe. The carrot grows 25 cm long, while it takes no more than 70 days. The plant is opposed to many diseases. Elongated roots, narrowed to the roots. Used for salads and other dishes.

Characteristics of the red carrot

If you want to grow red carrots on your plot, to surprise friends and relatives, you should pay attention to the following varieties.

Red Samurai

This sort of carrot comes from Japan. It has a rich red color, painted evenly. The core and the outer surface are almost the same in tone. It has a pleasant, sweet taste, not too crunchy flesh. Fruits ripen within 100-110 days. The size of a carrot is up to 20 cm. The variety is widely used in the kitchen. Used for salads, pilaf, juices, soups. It is used in folk medicine.

Atomic red

The variety continues the parade of red carrot varieties. It has a coral shade, which after heat treatment becomes even more intense. Root in length grows to 25-27 cm. Carrot fragrant and crispy. It grows well when the weather is cool.

How to diversify the garden: unusual varieties

In addition to red, purple and yellow carrots, you can plant varieties that give black or multi-colored fruits.

Black Jack

This variety of carrots has a rich black color, roots are painted evenly. Taste with a sweet tinge. Carrots grow up to 30 cm in length, it takes 120 days to ripen. The flesh is not very dense. Root vegetables can be used for juices and main courses.


In fact, this is not a separate variety, but a mixture of carrot seeds of different colors. The set includes white root Lunar White, red Atomic Red, yellow Solar Yellow and purple Cosmic Purple. As a result, on the garden grows a real carrot rainbow.

Comment! From the history it is clear that at first varieties with purple and yellow fruits were cultivated, and the usual orange and white and red varieties were bred later.

Useful tips on growing colored carrots

Among the popular varieties - Cosmic Purple, bearing fruit with purple peel and orange flesh. It belongs to the early ripening varieties, grows better when the air is cool. It is not only useful, but also original vegetable. It is recommended to use it fresh, so that the fruits do not lose color and vitamins.

Seeds are pre-soaked, then planted in open ground. Given the characteristics of this variety, they can be sown in early spring. After 70 days, the first harvest is ripening.

These plants require:

  • moderate moisture;
  • loosening the soil;
  • cool air (with strong heat, the root crop is deformed);
  • before planting, digging the soil to a depth of 30 cm (important for the growth of straight carrots);
  • sowing seeds in rows with a gap of 5 mm, between rows do scatter about 35 cm;
  • thinning seedlings;
  • ground soil powder, when the top shows up above the soil as it grows (will help avoid greening).

To make your summer salads variegated and original, you should sow carrots of different colors on the garden plot. In addition to the traditional orange, you can grow yellow, red or purple root vegetables. For the interest of the seeds of varieties of different colors are sometimes mixed in equal proportions. Then each extracted root crop will be a surprise for the gardener.