Cranberry Jelly - Recipe for Winter


Cranberries - one of the most useful Russian berries and cranberry jelly is distinguished not only by its beauty, but also by the undoubted benefits for the whole organism. Unlike other blanks for making jelly, natural berry juice is used, so its consistency is very pleasant and suitable for use even for small children.

Traditional Cranberry Jelly Recipe

Gelatin is traditionally used in this cranberry jelly recipe, but agar-agar can be used for those fasting or staying loyal to vegetarian principles.

Cranberries can be either freshly harvested or frozen. In the case of using fresh berries, the main thing is to clean it from vegetable garbage and wash it, replacing the water several times.

If only frozen berries are available, they must first be defrosted in any convenient way: in a microwave, in a room, in an oven. Then they must be rinsed under cold water and left to drain excess liquid in a colander.

So, for the manufacture of cranberry jelly will need:

  • 500 grams of cranberries;
  • half a cup of sugar;
  • 2 partial tablespoons of gelatin;
  • 400 ml of drinking water.

The procedure for making cranberry jelly according to the traditional recipe is as follows.

  1. First you need to soak the gelatin. It is usually soaked in a small amount of cold water (2 tablespoons will need 200 ml of water) from 30 to 40 minutes before swelling. Attention! Before cooking, you need to carefully study the packaging of gelatin. If not simple, but instant gelatin is used, then it is not soaked, but immediately dissolved in hot water.
  2. Juice is extracted from prepared cranberries. This is usually done by kneading the berries, then to strain the mashed potatoes through a sieve, separating the juice from the skin and seeds.
  3. The juice is set aside, and the remaining 200 ml of water is added to the pulp, the entire amount of sugar is boiled for 10 minutes.
  4. Add the swollen gelatin, stir well and reheat to a boil, without ceasing to stir the mass.
  5. The resulting fruit mass is last filtered through a sieve or gauze folded in several layers.
  6. Add cranberry juice to it, initially set aside and mix thoroughly.
  7. While the jelly is not frozen, pour it into prepared clean containers.
  8. After cooling, it is placed in a refrigerator for solidification and subsequent storage.

Cranberry jelly, prepared according to this recipe, can be stored for up to a month in the refrigerator, if it is packaged in sterile jars and covered with plastic caps.

If instead of gelatin to use agar-agar, then for the same amount of ingredients you need to take 3 teaspoons and dilute in 100 ml of hot water. It is added to hot cranberry juice after separation of the last pulp and boil it all together for another 5 minutes. After that, the initially squeezed juice is added and distributed into glass containers.

Cranberry Jelly Recipe without Gelatin

With this recipe, you can very easily make healthy and tasty cranberry jelly for the winter. It will harden due to the presence of pectic substances in cranberries, so no additional gel-forming additives will need to be introduced.

To make jelly you need to take:

  • 450 g cranberries;
  • 450 grams of sugar;
  • 340 ml of water.
Tip! In order for sugar to interact better and faster with cranberries, it is advisable to grind it before using a grinder or use ready-made icing sugar in the same volume.

The very process of making cranberry jelly prescription is simple.

  1. The washed and peeled cranberries are poured with water, brought to a boil and boiled until the berries soften.
  2. Berry mass fray through a sieve, separating the juice, squeeze the flesh with bones and peel and combine with sugar.
  3. On a small fire they torment 10-15 minutes more and lay them out hot on sterile jars.
  4. Roll up sterile covers and cool under a warm blanket.

Recipe for Cranberry Jelly with Apples

Sour cranberries are excellent with sweet apples and other fruits. Therefore, the dessert prepared according to this recipe for the winter, will be able to please and bring undoubted benefits on a cold dank winter evening.

It will take:

  • 500 g cranberries;
  • 1 large apple from sweet varieties;
  • about 400 ml of water;
  • 50 grams of dates or other dried fruits as desired;
  • honey or sugar - to taste and desire.

This cranberry dessert is also prepared without the use of any gelling agents - after all, both in apples and cranberries there is a lot of pectin, which will help the jelly perfectly retain its shape.

  1. Cranberry berries are cleaned, washed, filled with water and begin to warm up.
  2. Dates and other dried fruits are soaked, cut into small pieces.
  3. Apples free from seed cells, cut into slices.
  4. Add slices of apples and dried fruits to boiled water with cranberries.
  5. The fire is reduced to a minimum and cooked for about 15 minutes until all fruits and berries are softened.
  6. The fruit and berry mixture is slightly cooled and fray through a sieve.
  7. Once again placed on the fire, add honey or sugar and boil for about 5 minutes.
  8. Hot cranberry jelly is laid out in small sterile jars and rolled for storage for the winter.

Cranberry Jelly with Champagne Recipe

The original cranberry dessert is usually prepared according to a similar recipe for dinner in a romantic setting, but it is not suitable for giving it to children.

Typically, the berries are used in the whole form to create a colorful composition, but it will be more tasty if you squeeze the juice out of most of the cranberries, and use the remaining small amount for decoration.

It will take:

  • 200 g of cranberries;
  • a bag of gelatin;
  • lemon peel;
  • 200 g sweet or semi-sweet champagne;
  • 100 g vanilla sugar.

Making cranberry jelly for this recipe is a snap.

  1. Gelatin is poured with cool water for 30-40 minutes, waiting for it to swell up, and drain the remaining liquid.
  2. Most of the prepared cranberries squeeze the juice and add it to the gelatinous mass.
  3. Vanilla sugar is also added there and heated in a water bath practically until boiling.
  4. In the future, the jelly is topped up with champagne, add lemon peel grated on a fine grater and pour the remaining cranberries.
  5. Pour the jelly into pre-cooked forms or glass goblets, and put it in the fridge for 50-60 minutes.

Cranberry Jelly with Cranberry Creme Recipe

With a similar recipe, you can make a very original and beautiful cranberry jelly, which can also be used for children's parties. It will exclaim surprise and delight and will charm with its delicate taste.

It is necessary to prepare:

  • 160 g cranberries;
  • 500 ml of water;
  • 1 tablespoon of plain gelatin;
  • 100 g of sugar.

Cranberries can be used any as fresh or frozen. Preparing a spectacular and healthy dish is not as difficult as it seems.

  1. Gelatin, as usual, soaked in 100 ml of cold water to swell.
  2. Cranberries are crushed with a blender or ordinary wooden tolkushkoy.
  3. Grind berry puree through a sieve to squeeze the juice.
  4. The remaining cake is transferred to the pan, pour 400 ml of water, add sugar and set on fire.
  5. After boiling boil no more than 5 minutes to dissolve the sugar.
  6. Swollen gelatin is added to the cranberry mass, mixed thoroughly and heated to almost boiling.
  7. Remove the container from the heat, cool and filter again through a sieve or double gauze.
  8. Carefully mix the originally separated cranberry juice with the gelatinous mass.
  9. One third of the future jelly is separated for the manufacture of air foam. The rest is laid out in the prepared portion dishes, not reaching a couple of centimeters to the upper edge, and placed in the refrigerator for quick setting. Attention! If it is winter and cold outside, then jelly for pouring can be carried out on the balcony.
  10. The separated part also needs to be rapidly cooled, but to a state of liquid jelly, no more.
  11. After that, at the highest speed, beat it with a mixer until an airy pink foam is obtained.
  12. The foam is spread in jelly containers on top and placed again in the cold. After cooling, it turns out very fluffy and tender.


Cranberry jelly is not difficult to cook, but how much pleasure and benefit this plain dish can bring, especially on dark and cold winter evenings.