Breeding chokeberry


To multiply black chokeberry is possible even for a beginner in gardening. Shrub unpretentious, as a medicinal plant it is grown almost everywhere.

How does black chokeberry breed

The best time to propagate aronia is autumn. But there are many ways to plant shrubs in spring. In different regions, the dates will differ, you need to look at the weather and the calendar of garden works.

In autumn, planting chokeberry is planned for September - October. Further care for the shrubs is simple. Spring reproduction must be completed before the end of April.

You can propagate the black cat in the following ways:

  • grafting;
  • withdrawal method;
  • division of the bush;
  • root suckers;
  • seeds;
  • inoculation.

Of these, the most effective, which give almost 100% result - the first 4 methods of reproduction. Only an experienced gardener can vaccinate at home, and seed reproduction can be a long and inefficient process.

Propagation of mountain ash-blackfruit by cutting can be carried out in spring and autumn. If you use green shoots, then work is planned for the end of May - the beginning of June. Throughout the season, young blackberry bushes are grown in a greenhouse, where they hibernate. To a permanent place transplant done in a year.

It is possible to propagate black chokeberry with ripe cuttings in autumn. Use one-year shoots that take root better. They plant the black at once on a permanent place.

The division of the bush of chokeberry is suitable for old plants that need to be planted. Reproduction is better to plan in the spring. Further care of the chernoplodka reduced to abundant watering, loosening the soil.

It is better to plan the breeding of chokeberry in the spring. Choose one-year or two-year shoots. In the autumn of this year or next summer, young black wilderness bushes are transplanted to a permanent place. The survival rate of cuttings with this method of reproduction is 75-80%.

Root shoots or scions can be propagated during the whole season, but it is better to finish the work before the beginning of summer. By the fall of the bushes adapt to the new place.

Seed propagation of chokeberry is a long process, planting material needs to be stratified. Germination is low. Shrub develops for a long time.

Multiply medicinal shrubs can be inoculated, which is done in early spring. To get a positive result, you need to create the necessary conditions for the wolfberry. The vaccination rate is average.

How to propagate black chokeberry

Chokeberry is easily propagated by cuttings. The method is simple, does not require special knowledge and skills. Among gardeners, the autumn black cutting of the blackfloat is especially popular, which always gives a positive result, while making special efforts in reproduction is not necessary. Even if time is missed for planting, you can save planting material until spring.


To propagate black ash, cut lignified shoots 15-20 cm in size. The upper part of the branch is not used, the cuttings are cut from the middle part, so that each has 6 buds. The lower cut make straight, directly under the eye.

Planted woody cuttings of blackfruits in the fertile soil on a well-lit place. Above the soil surface, only 2 buds are left. They get accustomed in 3 - 4 weeks, in the spring quickly start to grow. For the winter, the black nipple mulch well.

If the cold came early, black chokeberry cuttings prepared for breeding are best preserved until spring. They are sorted and bundled. The bottom edge is placed in wet sand or cloth, and then wrapped with a bag so that the shoots are not dried. Every week, check the status of cuttings of chokeberry, moistened if necessary.

Store blackfloods in this way for further reproduction in a cold room. A cellar, a glazed loggia, a lower shelf of a refrigerator or a veranda will do. In spring, planting material is taken out as early as possible and planted in plastic cups. Plants kept in a cool room, if necessary, watered. Planted in a permanent place, as soon as the soil warms up.


Chokeberry can be propagated by green cuttings. In the spring, annual shoots are cut off, the length of which is no more than 15 cm. These can be the tops of the branches left after pruning. Lower leaves need to be completely removed, leaving only the top 2, which is shortened by 1/3.

At the bottom of the cutting under each kidney make a shallow incision. From these places will grow roots. Planting material for propagation of black chokeberry to maintain in a solution of growth stimulant for about 12 hours, then plant the cuttings in the greenhouse. Between them, leave a distance of 3 cm. After planting, moisten the soil well.

Important! The temperature for rooting the green cuttings of a black wolf must be at +20 ° C. If it is higher, then the greenhouse needs to be aired.

To multiply the shrub in this way, it will take about a month. During this time, the roots grow, after which the shelter is gradually removed. Young bushes of black chokeberry are fed with a weak solution of mineral or organic fertilizers. Further care is reduced to regular watering, loosening the soil and weeding.

The survival rate of cuttings during green reproduction reaches 100%, rarely less than 90%.

The reproduction of black chokeberry layers

Aronia Aronia can be effectively propagated by a withdrawal method. To do this, choose the arc or horizontal basal shoots of the first year of life. Their number depends on the variety of shrubs and the amount of nutrients in the soil. To propagate a plant, 5 shoots are enough. It is no longer necessary to put instillation in order not to exhaust the mother bush.

The selected shoots for reproduction of blackfruits are shortened by 2-3 cm, then tilted to the ground and nadlamyvayut. In this place new roots are formed. Layers pinned and covered with fertile soil. To propagate the shrub in this way, it will take several months. Rooting is not fast. During the season, black shoots will take root well. During this period, they are well looked after and watered regularly.

Breeding of chokeberry by dividing the bush

To propagate adult bushes of aronia, they can be divided into parts. The size of the roots of each delenki should correspond to the landing hole. Be sure to have young shoots, at least three on one plant. All sections are processed with crushed coal.

The bottom of the wells is drained, the soil for planting is mixed with humus and superphosphate. The distance between saplings is up to 2 m. The subsequent care of young black wilderness does not differ from the usual one. Water them as needed, up to 10 liters of water are used per plant. Immediately after planting, shoots are shortened by a third. For winter, black chokeberry is mulched with a thick layer of humus, peat, or straw.

To effectively propagate the black chokeberry, the plant should immediately be planted in the chosen place. When the seedlings are to be transported, they may die.

Carry bushes of chokeberry in a damp cloth. After that, the root system is inspected for damage and dry places. Before planting blackberry sapling is better to squeeze moisture. For this, it is placed in water for three days, so that the roots are completely covered. After such a procedure, even short roots should be elastic. Immediately before planting prepare clay mash. She is well smeared blackrooted roots to prevent the development of rot.

How to propagate black rowan root offspring

Planting root offspring is an equally popular method to propagate black chokeberry. Bushes annually give a lot of shoots, so there is no shortage of planting material.

Young blackberries from the mother plant are separated by a shovel. Each bush must have its own roots. Shoots before planting are shortened by several buds, and then placed on the selected location.

For planting blackfloats take a sunny plot. There are no special requirements for the soil, but the shrub does not develop well on acidified soil. Aronia is so unpretentious that calmly transfers the neighborhood with groundwater. It is often used as a hedge.

Reproduction of black rowan seeds

If there is a desire, then it is possible to propagate the black carp with seeds. To do this, pick ripe berries, leave them at room temperature, so that the fermentation process begins. After that, they are rubbed through a sieve, the pulp is separated and washed. It is this method that prepares blackfruit seeds for germination.

To seedlings appear together, the seeds are mixed with wet sand and removed in a cold place for 3 months. This may be the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Some gardeners recommend prikopat capacity with seeds in the snow. And in the spring to be engaged in reproduction.

In the second half of April, prepare a bed for planting seeds 5-8 cm deep. Spread the seeds evenly and cover with soil. Top grumble humus. To propagate the aronia seeds by seed will take more than a month. Young bushes are transplanted to a permanent place next fall.

Seedlings grow slowly, when the first pair of leaves appear, they are thinned. Only strong and healthy plants are left, the rest are rejected. The distance between the sprouts is up to 5 cm. The second time is thinned by planting, when the second pair of leaves appear, the interval between them is increased to 7-8 cm.

Throughout the season, shoots of chokeberry are fully maintained. The soil is recommended to constantly maintain a wet state, regularly loosen. Crops are fed several times during the growing season. Use slurry or other liquid organics.

Vaccination as a breeding method

Effectively propagate the black can be grafted, but you need to know all the details of the process. As a stock harvested rowan sapling. It is prepared in advance, carefully wiped from dust, shortened to a height of 12 cm. After that, a sharp instrument is made through a deep cleft through the middle of the stock. Reproduction is done only with sterile tools, so as not to carry bacteria and pests.

As a graft, a woody stalk of aronia is used. Well take root shoots 15 cm long with two - three buds. They give an annual increase of up to 50 cm with ten leaves. The bottom edge of the cutting point is wedge-shaped, so that it closely enters the cleft.

The sequence of the procedure for propagation by grafting:

  1. Tightly insert the prepared graft into the stock.
  2. Wrap the vaccination site with a wiping film.
  3. Carefully lubricate the graft with garden pitch.

To get a positive result, you need to constantly maintain high humidity over the seedling. To do this, create a greenhouse effect with a transparent package. It is put on the seedling, the edge is fixed below the site of vaccination.

To judge the success of the breeding of chokeberry can be a month later. The package is removed, by that time young leaves should appear from the kidney grafts. It is possible to multiply the black chop by grafting before the start of sap flow.

Important! The stock is a sapling on which the desired plant variety is grafted. Graft is a graft that is grafted.

As a rule, closely related trees and shrubs with good winter hardiness are chosen for breeding.


It is possible to propagate black ashberries in different ways, it is enough to study all the subtleties and features. The autumn procedure requires less attention from the gardener, and spring plantings will have to be well maintained so that they do not dry out over the summer. In addition, it is necessary to take into account how many seedlings you need to get in the end. To plant material was a lot, it is better to propagate the black chokeberry by cutting or root growth.