Tomato Snow Tale: description, photo, reviews


A tomato is so versatile in use and a popular vegetable that it is difficult to imagine a private plot where at least a few square meters would not be allotted for its cultivation. But this culture has a southern origin and for most of the northern and eastern regions of Russia is of little use for cultivation in open ground. And not everyone has greenhouses either.

Therefore, in recent years, the direction in Russian breeding has become very popular, associated with the creation of resistant varieties of tomatoes, which could grow without problems in areas of so-called risky farming. These are regions in the north of Russia - Arkhangelsk, Leningrad regions, and many areas of the Urals and Siberia.

Siberian breeders created a lot of great varieties of tomatoes, which have very attractive characteristics of both fruits and tomato plants themselves. One of these varieties with a charming and magical name is Snow Tale tomato, a description of the variety and characteristics of the fruit of which can be found later in this article. Still, the name alone can say a lot about the appearance of plants. Plants of this variety of tomato are often compared to the Christmas tree-dressing-up for the holiday. They really look very decorative. Well, tasty and juicy fruits complete the positive impression that usually develops from the first acquaintance with this variety.

Variety description

Tomato Snow fairy tale was bred by a famous breeder from Novosibirsk V.N. Dederko. Thanks to his selection work, many outstanding varieties of tomatoes were bred, the variety of which would be quite enough to satisfy possible tastes and preferences of gardeners. Tomato Snow fairy tale is a special variety, bred specifically for cultivation in the open field of the West Siberian region. But this part of this region includes the Tyumen region, which is one of the most northern areas for the cultivation of tomatoes in general. Moreover, in 2006 the Snow Tale variety was included in the State Register of breeding achievements of Russia and was officially recommended for cultivation specifically in the West Siberian region.

Seeds of this variety are sold mainly in bags of the company "Siberian Garden".

Variety Winter fairy tale can be attributed to the superdeterminant, since it hardly reaches 50 cm in height. Moreover, this tomato is a standard. That is, it has a powerful, almost tree-like trunk, and a rather compact root system. The leaf volume of such tomatoes is usually the same as that of ordinary varieties, but due to their closer location to each other, a more compact crown with a significant leaf surface is obtained. Therefore, in terms of yield, such tomatoes do not lag behind their fellows.

The main advantage of stem determinant varieties of tomatoes is that they do not require staking at all, and, therefore, the garter, and the formation of bushes are also canceled. On the beds they can be planted a little more densely than ordinary tomatoes, and, therefore, the yield per square meter of the area involved increases. All this is quite true for the tomato Snow Tale. Its leaves are traditional in tomato shape, dark green. The peduncle has no articulation.

Inflorescence refers to the type of simple. The very first inflorescence is usually formed after 6 or 7 leaves, later they are formed through the leaf.

Attention! A tomato of this variety can form too many flowers in one inflorescence. To increase the size of the tomatoes, some of the flowers can be removed.

In terms of ripening of this tomato, there are some discrepancies in various sources. Some say that the variety is ultra-fast. In others, and, in particular, in the description of the originator, it is stated that the tomato Snow Tale belongs rather to mid-ripening - after all, 105-110 days pass from the moment the first shoots appear until the fruit fully ripens. The discrepancy in the timing is most likely due to the fact that at the stage of technical maturity, which comes undoubtedly earlier (at 85-90 day), the fruits of the Snowy Tale acquire a very attractive milky-white hue. Then gradually turn orange and finally blush.

Due to the uneven ripening of tomatoes in the bushes of a tomato snow fairy tale, a very picturesque picture can be observed. Small tomatoes of three different colors - white, orange, red, decorated with compact green bushes with velvety foliage.

The yield of this tomato is quite high - up to 30 tomatoes of various degrees of ripeness can ripen on one bush per run. On an industrial scale, about 285 centners of marketable tomatoes are harvested per hectare.

The variety is characterized by excellent fruit set, even under the most adverse weather conditions. Plants of this variety of tomatoes are also able to recover after light short-term frosts.

Resistance of tomatoes Snow fairy tale to the main complex of diseases is average.

Characteristics of tomatoes

The fruits of the tomato Snow Tale are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • The shape of the tomatoes is rounded - no wonder they resemble Christmas decorations-balls.
  • The color at the stage of full maturity is bright red. But the unripe fruits are distinguished by a beautiful milky tint.
  • Tomatoes of this variety are not large. The average weight of the fruit is 60-70 grams. But manufacturers say that in particularly favorable conditions, tomatoes can reach a mass of 180-200 grams.
  • There are more than four seed chambers in the fruit.
  • The skin is rather thick and smooth. The flesh is juicy.
  • Tastes are defined as good and excellent. Sweet tomatoes with a slight sourness.
  • Fruits are stored not very well, are not subject to transportation.
  • Tomatoes of this variety of tomatoes can be called universal by type of use - they are good for preparing summer vegetable salads and other culinary dishes, of which ketchups, juices, lecho and other tomato preparations for the winter are good.

Features of growing

Despite the fact that the tomato Snow Tale is zoned for the West Siberian region, these tomatoes will be just a boon for many gardeners whose parts are in the climatic zone with a cool and short summer season. Of course, for a successful cultivation of tomatoes in any climate zone, a preliminary seedling period is necessary. Tomato seeds Snow tale sown on seedlings throughout March. Seedlings usually grow very strong, squat and healthy.

In the open ground, these tomatoes can be planted at steady positive temperatures in the daytime.

Tip! Before planting, for a week or two, seedlings of tomatoes are necessarily quenched, bringing to fresh air during the daytime, gradually increasing the period of their stay on the street from 0.5 hour to 8-10 hours.

To protect against possible night frost planted tomato plants can be covered with non-woven material.

Neither form nor stepchild plants varieties Snow fairy tale is not necessary. You can tie them up as needed in case of a special crop overload.

But preventive treatments for diseases must be carried out several times per season. It is better to use biological preparations for these purposes, such as Fitosporin, Glyocladin and others.

In any case, tomatoes also need regular watering and fertilizing. The need for additional nutrients is particularly increased during the budding period, after flowering and during the ripening of the tomatoes.

Reviews gardeners

Tomato Snow fairy tale leaves a particularly indifferent review of gardeners living in areas not very favorable for the growth of tomatoes.

Oksana, 42 years old, Arkhangelsk region I was just fascinated by tomatoes of the variety Snow Tale. They can not be confused with other varieties of tomatoes. The bushes are small, but strong, as if small trees, all covered with small multi-colored fruits. The leaves of these tomatoes are also beautiful, as if velvet. Tomatoes look very good in small liter and even half-liter jars. I even managed to make a few adzhika jars. The harvest was just awesome. I will surely gather the seeds and plant this variety for the next year. Alexander, 39, Ulyanovsk We don’t have a greenhouse on the plot, and growing a tomato always looks like a tape measure - it will work or not. Someone advised to get tomato seeds called Snow Tale. The name, of course, seductive, but really liked the variety. The seedlings grew very beautiful and healthy. I landed her in the ground closer to the middle of June, and she very quickly went to pick up the buds. By the end of the month, all the bushes were covered with flowers, from which small fruits began to form. There were a lot of them. As soon as such crumbs, only about 40-50 cm in height, kept such an amount of fruit. Most of them managed to blush right on the bushes, but they were so beautiful, snow-white and in immature condition. I understood why the variety got such a name. Elena, 34 years old, Novosibirsk. I really liked the Snow Tale tomato because it does not need to be formed at all. Cute crumbs grow in the garden almost without any care and tasty tomatoes are still ripening on them. One shrub, along with indites, happened to be in a greenhouse. It grew a little more in height, but the tomatoes did not become much larger, and the yield was the same as in the beds. Therefore, next year I will grow this variety only in the open field.


Tomato Snow fairy tale is an ideal choice for those gardeners whose areas are minimally adapted for growing tomatoes, as well as in case of lack of time, because care is required for it to a minimum.