Bravo Fungicide


Fungal diseases affect crops, vegetables, vineyards and flower gardens. The easiest way to prevent the development of the disease at an early stage. Prophylactic treatments based on the drug Bravo protect the plant surface from the spread of the fungus.

Features of the fungicide

Bravo is a contact fungicide with a protective effect. It consists of chlorothalonil, the content of which per 1 liter of the drug - 500 g

Chlorothalonil is a low toxic substance that can cope with various diseases. The substance is stored for a long time on the surface of the leaves and prevents the germination of fungal cells. As a result, pathogens lose their ability to penetrate plant tissue.

Within 5-40 days, the active substance disintegrates in the soil into safe components. However, in water, chlorothalonil is able to remain in permanent form for a long time

Bravo is effective against the following diseases:

  • perinospora;
  • late blight;
  • Alternaria;
  • diseases of the ear and leaves of grain crops.

Bravo Fungicide is supplied in the form of a liquid creamy suspension. The tool is used as a concentrated solution. The protective effect lasts from 7 to 14 days.

The drug is sold in plastic containers with a capacity of 20 ml, 100 ml, 1 l, 5 l and 10 l. The product is compatible with other fungicides and insecticides. Before use in the tank mixture preparations are checked for compatibility.


The main advantages of the drug Bravo:

  • suitable for cereals and vegetables;
  • applied against a wide range of lesions;
  • may be used with other protective equipment;
  • retains the effect after heavy irrigation and precipitation;
  • does not cause resistance in pathogens;
  • is not phytotoxic for plants at observance of dosages;
  • quickly pays off.


The main disadvantages of Bravo fungicide:

  • requires compliance with safety regulations;
  • moderately dangerous to insects and warm-blooded organisms;
  • is poisonous to fish;
  • long stored in reservoirs;
  • used for the prevention of diseases, with a massive lesion ineffective.

Application procedure

On the basis of the drug Bravo get a working solution for spraying plants. The consumption rate is determined depending on the type of culture. According to reviews Bravo fungicide is suitable for personal subsidiary and farms.

For the preparation of the solution using containers made of glass or plastic. It is necessary to use solution within a day. Landings are processed manually or with the help of specialized equipment.


Spring and winter wheat needs protection from powdery mildew, rust and septoria. For spraying planting requires 2.5 liters of the drug Bravo per 1 ha of occupied area.

For the season, 2 prophylactic treatments are enough. The use of Bravo fungicide is allowed in the presence of the first signs of the disease and its moderate development. Spraying is performed during the growing season. On 1 ha prepare 300 l of solution.


Barley is subject to various types of rust (stem, dwarf), powdery mildew and spotting. Spraying the drug solution Bravo protects the planting from diseases and prevents their spread.

Bravo fungicide solution is prepared in accordance with the instructions for use. For processing 1 ha, 2.5 l of suspension is required. The liquid flow rate for processing the specified area is 300 liters.


The most common potato diseases are late blight and Alternaria. Lesions have a fungal nature. First, the disease in the form of dark spots covers the aerial parts of plants, then moves to the tubers.

The first processing of potatoes is carried out in the presence of the first symptoms of the disease. During the season requires no more than 3 treatments. Between the procedures, an interval of 7-10 days is maintained.

According to the instructions for use of fungicide Bravo consumption per hectare is 2.5 liters. To handle this area of ​​landings, 400 liters of the finished solution are needed.


Onions often suffer from peronosporoza. The disease spreads in rainy cold weather. A lesion provokes a fungus that falls on plants with wind and raindrops.

A sign of perinosporoza is the presence of rust spots on the feathers of onions. Over time, the feathers turn yellow and adjacent to the ground, and the fungus goes on the bulb.

Important! Protective measures begin early in the growing season. Processing is carried out if weather conditions contribute to the development of the disease.

On 1 hectare of plantings requires 3 liters of the drug. The consumption of the finished solution of Bravo fungicide according to the instructions is 300-400 liters per 1 ha. During the season, the onions are sprayed three times, no more than once every 10 days.


Tomatoes need protection against late blight and brown spot. These are diseases of a fungal nature that affect leaves, stalks and fruits.

To protect tomatoes from disease, the Bravo fungicide consumption per 3 hectares of plantings is 3 liters. During the season, spend no more than 3 treatments.

The first spraying is performed while creating favorable conditions for the development of diseases: high humidity, low temperatures, thickened plantings. The next treatment begins after 10 days. On 1 hectare 400-600 l of the preparation solution is required.


Grapes are susceptible to fungal diseases: oidium, mildew, anthracnose. Lesions appear on the leaves, gradually spreading to the entire bush. As a result, yields are lost, and grapes may die.

To protect the planting from disease, the vineyard is treated with a Bravo fungicide solution. According to the instructions, 10 g of water requires 25 g of suspension. In early spring, they start spraying the bushes. 3 weeks before the harvest, the fungicide is completely stopped.

Precautionary measures

Bravo is classified as a hazard class 2 for warm-blooded organisms and a 3rd class for bees. The active ingredient is toxic to fish, so the treatment is carried out at a distance from water bodies.

In contact with the skin and mucous membranes, the solution causes irritation. When working with the fungicide Bravo use clothes and long sleeves and rubber gloves. Respiratory organs are protected with a mask or respirator.

Spraying is carried out in dry weather without strong wind. The permissible movement speed of air masses is up to 5 m / s.

Important! If the solution gets into the eyes or on the skin, thoroughly wash the contact site with water.

In case of poisoning, the victim is removed to fresh air, allowed to drink several glasses of water and activated carbon. Be sure to call an ambulance.

The drug Bravo kept in a dry place, remote from animals, children, drugs, food. Shelf life - up to 3 years from the date specified by the manufacturer.

Gardeners reviews

Elena, 32 years old, Perm. Last year lilies were badly affected by fusarium wilt. To combat the disease, a contact fungicide is needed. After studying various sources, she stopped on Bravo fungicide. According to reviews, the tool has a good preventive effect. The drug was very effective, after a series of treatments of new signs of the disease did not appear. In the future I plan to use the solution for prophylactic purposes. Ann, 43, Ryazan I use the Bravo fungicide only for the prevention of diseases until their symptoms appear. I process potatoes and tomatoes. To do this, I make a solution, where I add fungicides Bravo and Skor. I start spraying when a lot of rain falls. In such conditions, the disease spread very quickly. For treatment, I choose more potent drugs. Oleg, 55, StavropolMy vineyard most often suffers from mildew. I start defending bushes from defeat in early terms. Before blooming, I treat the plantings with a contact fungicide. At 10 liters of water add 20 g of the drug. I spray the plants in the evening to avoid exposure to sunlight. If the grapes already show signs of disease, it is better to additionally use systemic means.


Bravo is a reliable means of contact action. It is used by farms for the processing of grain and vegetable crops. On the garden plot, the fungicide protects grapes and roses from fungal infections. When working with the drug observe precautions. Means spend strictly in accordance with the instructions.