Fungicide Thanos


Garden crops are susceptible to fungal diseases that can completely destroy the crop. Preventive treatments help prevent their spread. The drug Thanos has a complex effect on plants, it keeps on leaves for a long time and is not washed off by rains.

Fungicide description

Fungicide Thanos has protective and healing properties. Its action is based on two main components: cymoxanil and famoxadone. The content of each substance per 1 kg of the drug is 250 g

Cymoxanil has a systemic effect. The substance within an hour penetrates the plants. As a result, long-term protection of crops is ensured even after irrigation and precipitation.

Famoxadone has a contact action. After contact with the leaves and shoots of the drug forms a protective film on them. In contact with fungal spores and other pathogens, the substance blocks their distribution.

Important! Thanos fungicide is used to prevent diseases or when the first warning signs appear.

The drug Thanos is implemented in the form of water-dispersible granules. In this form, the substance is not dusty, is not subject to freezing and crystallization. To prepare the solution, dissolve the required amount of granules.

In the absence of scales, take into account how many grams of the fungicide Thanos are in a teaspoon. To prepare the solution you need to know that in 1 tsp. contains 1 g of the drug.

Thanos is produced by DuPon Himprom, a division of the American herbicide producing company. Granules are packaged in plastic containers and packages from 2 g to 2 kg.

For best results, Thanos alternate with other fungicides. It is better to use drugs with a neutral or acidic reaction: Aktara, Titus, Karate, etc. It can be used with insecticides. Thanos is incompatible with alkaline substances.


The main advantages of the drug Thanos:

  • contact and system action;
  • suitable for the prevention and treatment of diseases;
  • does not cause addiction in harmful microorganisms;
  • convenient release form;
  • improves the process of photosynthesis in plant cells;
  • resistance to watering and precipitation;
  • long period of action;
  • does not accumulate in soil and plants;
  • well soluble in water;
  • economical consumption.


When using the fungicide Thanos take into account its disadvantages:

  • the need to use protective equipment;
  • compliance with the rate of consumption.

Application procedure

The drug Thanos is used in the form of a solution. In pure water, dissolve the required amount of the substance according to the standards established for each type of culture.

Glass, plastic or enameled packaging is required to prepare the solution. The working solution is not stored for a long time, it must be consumed within 24 hours.


With increased humidity on the grapes appear signs of mildew. First, oil spots appear on the surface of the leaves, which eventually turn yellow or red. The disease quickly moves to shoots and inflorescences, causing the ovary to die and the crop is lost.

Important! To protect the vineyard from mildew prepare a solution consisting of 4 g of the fungicide Thanos in 10 liters of water.

The first spraying is performed before flowering. It is allowed to carry out treatments every 12 days. During the season, no more than 3 sprays are performed. According to the instructions for the fungicide Thanos 10 square meters. m landings spend 1 liter of the resulting solution.


Alternariosis affects potato tubers, leaves, and shoots. The main signs of the disease are the presence of brown spots on the leaves, yellowing and dying of the leaves. Dark spots on the leaf plate are also a sign of late blight. This disease is diagnosed by white bloom on the back of the leaves.

For the prevention of potato diseases, a solution is prepared containing 6 g of Tanos pellets per 10 liters of water. Given how many grams of fungicide Tanos in a teaspoon, you can determine that you want to add 6 tsp. drug.

Spraying is performed according to the scheme:

  • at emergence of shoots;
  • during bud formation;
  • after flowering;
  • in the formation of tubers.

10 square meters. m landings required 1 liter of solution. Between treatments stand at least 14 days.


In the open field, tomatoes are susceptible to fungal diseases: late blight and Alternaria. Diseases have a fungal nature and similar symptoms: the presence of dark spots on the leaves and stems. Gradually, defeat goes to the fruit.

To protect the tomatoes from the spread of fungus in 10 liters of water measure 6 tsp. drug Thanos. The first treatment is carried out 2 weeks after planting the tomatoes in the ground. Spraying is repeated every 12 days.

During the season the plants are treated no more than 4 times. All spraying stopped 3 weeks before the removal of the fruit.


The most dangerous disease affecting onions is downy mildew. It is determined by the pale coloration and deformation of feathers and the presence of gray patina. The disease spreads quickly throughout the site, and it is almost impossible to save the plantations.

Important! When growing onions on the pen is not recommended to use a solution of the drug Thanos.

Therefore, special attention is paid to preventive onion treatments. To prepare the working solution according to the instructions for use take 12 g of the fungicide Tanos per 10-liter bucket of water.

During the growing season onions are sprayed no more than once every 12 days. 10 square meters. m planting requires 0.5 liters of solution. Treatments are stopped 3 weeks before harvest.


When growing sunflower on an industrial scale, the culture is subject to a wide range of diseases: downy mildew, white and gray rot, fomoz. To preserve the harvest, prophylactic sunflower treatments are carried out with the Thanos fungicide.

Sunflower plantings are sprayed three times during the season:

  • with the appearance of 4-6 leaves;
  • at the beginning of budding;
  • during flowering.

To obtain a solution, according to the instructions for the fungicide Thanos required to add 4 g of substance per 10 liters of water. The prepared solution is sprayed with sunflower. The action of the drug lasts for 50 days.

Precautionary measures

Thanos is a chemical agent, therefore when interacting with it, safety rules are followed. Pellets are stored in a dry place away from children and animals. Fungicide is moderately dangerous for bees, low toxicity to warm-blooded organisms.

From the place of processing remove people without protection and animals. It is allowed to spray near ponds and other water bodies, since the active ingredients are not toxic to fish.

To protect the respiratory organs and mucous membranes use clothing with long sleeves, a respirator and rubber gloves. If the solution gets on the skin, you need to wash the place of contact with water and soap.

When poisoning drug Thanos need to drink a glass of pure water and activated charcoal. In the necessary order, you must consult a doctor.

Gardeners reviews

Dmitry, 36 years old, Krasnodar. I grow grapes for sale, so I carefully monitor the spread of any diseases. Last year, a few mildew spots appeared on the leaves. To prepare the solution I chose the fungicide Thanos, according to the instructions for use added 4 g of substance to 10 liters of water. After 20 days, repeated processing. The drug coped well with the task, the disease retreated. Ann, 58 years old, Perm. The preparation Tanos is used for processing potatoes. Means well protects landing from phytophthora. The fungicide is not washed off by rain and has a healing effect. Preventive spraying is very effective. For the entire period of cultivation, signs of the disease do not appear. Olga, 43, Taganrog. The preparation Thanos used several years ago to process the vineyard. Fungicide has a mild effect and shows good results only on seedlings. To combat diseases in adult bushes I use Ridomil. Fungicide Thanos is suitable only for the prevention of disease. I spend spraying in early spring, when the buds have not yet blossomed.


Thanos fungicide is used for prophylactic treatments of vegetable crops, grapes and sunflower. Due to the complex effects of the drug inhibits fungal cells and inhibits the spread of the disease. When using fungicide observe precautionary measures.