Fungicide Kvadris: consumption rate for grapes, tomatoes


The use of fungicides provides garden crops with protection against diseases and high yields. The drug Kvadris is one of the most effective ways to combat fungal infections. It is used for prophylactic treatments, as well as for getting rid of existing diseases.

Features of the fungicide

Kvadris is a fungicide produced in Switzerland. The drug acts against fungal diseases. Quadris has the form of a concentrated suspension, which is packaged in 5 or 6 ml ampoules. The drug can be purchased in plastic containers with a volume of 1 l.

Active ingredient - azoxystrobin, belonging to the class of strobilurins. The drug has a damaging effect on the fungus. Azoxystrobin then decomposes into safe components: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen.

In the composition of the Quadris there are no traditional substances that are found in toxic chemicals: sulfur, phosphorus, metal ions. Decay products are safe, do not have a harmful effect on plants, soil and atmosphere, do not accumulate in fruits and shoots.

Tip! When using the drug Kvadris strictly observe the dosage. Fungicide is phototoxic for fruit and berry crops.

If you exceed the dosage, as a result, the growth of crops will slow down and yield will decrease. The resistance of the fungus to fungicide will also increase. When the dosage is lowered, the effect of using the drug is significantly reduced.

The main analogues are Consento, Prozaro, Folicho, Strobe, which have a similar effect on fungal infections.

A warning! If Kvadris has already been used at the site for 2 years, then in the future it is necessary to abandon the use of analogues. For processing use other means without strobilurinov.


The use of Quadris fungicide has the following advantages:

  • affects harmful fungus;
  • has a contact and systemic effect (most of the solution forms a film on the surface of plants);
  • does not pose a danger to soil fungi;
  • accumulates in the leaves, does not penetrate the shoots and fruits;
  • the effect of the drug does not depend on weather conditions;
  • effective at temperatures from +4 to +30 ° C;
  • accelerates photosynthesis in the leaves, which increases the resistance of plants to weather conditions.


When using the drug Kvadris take into account its disadvantages:

  • the solution is classified as hazard class 2 and is toxic to humans;
  • the drug is deadly to fish and aquatic organisms;
  • active ingredients accumulate in flowers, so no treatment is carried out during the flowering period;
  • the drug is not used for more than 2 years in a row;
  • after processing, the fungal mycelium is not completely destroyed, which requires the use of other drugs;
  • the need to strictly observe the dosage for each type of plant;
  • quite high cost.

Instructions for use

To work with the Quadris fungicide, a sprayer with agitator is required. The solution is prepared in the laboratory or other non-residential premises. 1 liter of water is poured into the tank, to which the suspension is added. Then the solution is adjusted to the required volume depending on the type of culture to be processed. The mixer is turned on for 5-10 minutes.

For spraying requires a spray gun, issuing a small stream. After opening the containers it is necessary to use the suspension within 24 hours. The finished solution can not be stored. Its volume must be accurately calculated before starting work.


Originally, the Quadris fungicide was developed for the treatment of sports lawns. The use of the drug eliminates fusarium and various spots. As a result, the resistance of herbs to trampling increases.

For processing prepare a working solution containing 120 ml of the substance in 10 liters of water. If the drug is used in the first year, 0.2 l solution per 10 square meters is enough. m. lawn. In the second year, use 2 times more solution.

The first treatment is carried out when the first leaves begin to unfold at the seedlings. The procedure is repeated every 20 days. Up to 4 treatments are allowed per season.


The most common grape diseases are oidium and mildew. To combat them, dilute 60 ml of the suspension with 10 liters of water. On 1 square. m planting enough 1 l of the resulting solution.

During the season, 2 grapes are processed For prophylactic purposes, the vine is sprayed before flowering and after harvest. If the coloring of the berries has begun, then it is better to refuse the use of the fungicide. Between treatments comply with the interval of 1-2 weeks.

Tomatoes and Peppers

Tomatoes and peppers are prone to late blight, Alternaria and powdery mildew. For open ground, dilute 40 ml of the fungicide with 10 liters of water. Consumption rate of 10 square meters. m is 6 liters.

According to the Quadrice instructions for use, for the treatment of greenhouse crops take 80 ml of suspension per 10-liter bucket of water. Solution consumption per 10 sq. M. m. should not exceed 1 l.

Plants are treated no more than 2 times per season:

  • before flowering;
  • with the appearance of the first fruits.

When growing tomatoes and peppers in the open ground between procedures, they are kept for 2 weeks. Greenhouse plants are treated no more than once every 10 days.


Fungicide Quadris protects cucumbers from powdery mildew and peronosporoza. 40 g of suspension are added to 10 liters of water. Consumption of the resulting solution per 10 square meters. m. planting in open ground is 8 liters. In the greenhouse enough 1.5 liters.

During the season, cucumbers are treated twice: before and after flowering. Between treatments maintain a gap of 2 weeks.


Treatment with the drug Kvadris protects potatoes from rhizoctoniosis and silver scab. According to the instructions for use of the Quadris fungicide, 0.3 l of suspension is added to a 10-liter bucket of water.

The volume of the solution depends on the area of ​​potato plantations. For every 10 square meters. m. requires 0.8 liters of the finished solution. If the treatment has already been carried out last year, then it is allowed to increase this rate to 2 liters.

The soil is irrigated before planting the tubers. The protective effect of the drug lasts for 2 months.


When growing onions on a turnip, the use of Kvadris fungicide protects the crop from peronosporoza and fusarium wilt. 80 ml of suspension are used for 10 l of water.

Spraying is carried out no more than 3 times during the entire growing season. 10 square meters. m. use no more than 0.2 liters of solution. Between treatments withstand 2 weeks.


Strawberry treatment with Quadris fungicide solution provides protection against gray mold, blotchiness and other fungal infections.

40 ml of the preparation are added to a 10-liter bucket of water. Processing is carried out before flowering, re-spraying is performed after harvesting.

Precautionary measures

The active ingredient of the Quadris fungicide easily enters the body through the hair and skin. Therefore, when working with a substance must observe precautions.

Tip! When interacting with the solution using a protective suit that does not let moisture. For respiratory protection, a respirator is required that completely covers the skin.

During the treatment period and for 3 hours after it, the site should not be attended by people without protective equipment and animals. Permissible distance from residential and water bodies - 150 m.

Work carried out on an overcast dry day. Wind speed no more than 5 m / s. The period of work with the drug should not exceed 6 hours.

If the solution interacts with the skin or mucous membranes, the place of contact is washed with water. If the substance is swallowed, you need to drink a glass of water and 3 tablets of activated carbon, induce vomiting. In case of poisoning, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Instructions for use of the Quadrice prescribes storing the fungicide in a dry place away from children, animals and food. Storage period - no more than 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Gardeners reviews

Alexandra, 38, Pskov. In the summer, I always treat tomatoes from alternariosis and other fungal diseases. After using various drugs, she stopped at Quadris. It is a low-grade toxic agent that works in cold weather and rain. Plants process twice with an interval of 10 days. The neighbors had a disease that destroyed the garden with potatoes, but no symptoms appeared on my tomatoes. Dmitry, 57, Stavropol I am engaged in growing grapes, including for sale. Therefore, preventive treatments are an indispensable part of vineyard care. One of the most effective means is the Quadris fungicide, which has the form of a suspension. According to the instructions for use I dilute Quadris in 5 liters of water. The treatment protects the bushes from anthracnose, spotting, oidium and various rot. After spraying the grapes did not hurt anything, I will repeat the treatment the following year. Elena, 42, Novosibirsk Has been using the drug Quadrice for several years. The tool is effective against phytophthora, which affects tomatoes. When the first signs of the disease appear, I prepare a solution for spraying the bushes. It is worse on potatoes Kvadris, therefore it is better to choose another drug. I also spray Quadrils cabbage 10 days before harvesting. Processing increases the resistance of heads to rot, so the crop is stored without problems until spring.


The drug Kvadris used to protect vegetable crops, lawns and grapes from fungal infections. The tool requires careful attention to dosages and compliance with safety regulations.

Before use, be sure to take into account the stage of plant development. The fungicide is suitable for spraying plants in private gardens, as well as for processing more extensive plantings.