Classic eggplant caviar


Classic eggplant caviar is one of the most popular types of homemade blanks. For its preparation, you will need eggplants and other components (carrots, onions, peppers, tomatoes). By combining these products get tasty and healthy caviar.

The classic recipe involves roasting vegetables. With the help of modern kitchen appliances can significantly simplify the process of cooking caviar. Particularly tasty is a dish cooked in a slow cooker or oven.

Principles of cooking

To get tasty and healthy preparations, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Steel or cast iron cookware is selected for cooking. Due to the thick walls of this capacity will ensure uniform heating of vegetables. As a result, a positive effect on the taste of the blanks.
  • Pepper, carrot, onion help to improve the taste of the dish. These ingredients make caviar sweeter.
  • Tomatoes give the finished product a sour taste.
  • If 1 kg of eggplants is taken, the number of other vegetables in caviar should be the same (1 kg).
  • Before using the vegetables should be thoroughly washed and cut in accordance with the recipe.
  • It is not recommended to use a blender or grinder for grinding eggplants, as this will adversely affect the taste properties.
  • Pre-eggplants need to be cut and covered with salt to eliminate the bitter taste.
  • Sugar, salt, pepper and greens are always added to the dish.
  • Eggplant caviar contains a small amount of calories, so it is often included in the diet.
  • Eggplants help lower cholesterol, normalize metabolism and improve heart function.
  • Due to the presence of potassium and fiber, the product stimulates intestinal activity.
  • Eggplant caviar is served in the form of a snack or a component of sandwiches.
  • To obtain winter blanks prepared banks, which are pre-sterilized.
  • Add lemon juice and vinegar to prolong the storage time.

Traditional recipe

The traditional version of eggplant caviar can be prepared according to the following recipe:

  1. Ten medium-sized eggplants cut into cubes. Vegetable slices are placed in a container, sprinkle with salt and leave for 30 minutes to leave the bitter juice.
  2. After a specified time, the vegetables are rinsed with running water.
  3. Five onions, one kilogram of tomatoes and five bell peppers cut into cubes. Carrots in the amount of five pieces rubbed on a grater.
  4. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry onion until it becomes transparent. Then you can add the remaining vegetables.
  5. Within half an hour, the vegetable mass is stewed on a slow fire. Periodically caviar is stirred.
  6. Before removing from the stove, add salt and ground black pepper to taste.
  7. Ready caviar canned or served.

Classical caviar in tomato juice

Another traditional eggplant caviar recipe includes the following cooking steps:

  1. In four liters of tomato juice add sugar (0.4 kg) and salt (0.5 cups) and put on the stove.
  2. While the tomato juice is boiling, you need to chop the onions and carrots (1 kg each).
  3. 2 kg of Bulgarian pepper and 2.5 kg of eggplants are cut into strips.
  4. Prepared vegetables are placed in tomato juice for 30 minutes.
  5. At the stage of readiness, several peas of black pepper and bay leaf are added to the container.
  6. Chili pepper and garlic head minced through a meat grinder, then added to caviar.
  7. The dish is cooked for another 5 minutes.
  8. The resulting caviar is laid out on the banks or served to the table.

Caviar in a multivariate

Especially tasty is caviar cooked in a slow cooker:

  1. Eggplant in the amount of 5 pieces prepared for further processing. If young vegetables are used, it is permitted to keep the skin on.
  2. Eggplants cut into cubes, spread in a deep bowl, add salt and pour water. On top of the vegetables put the goods.
  3. As long as the eggplant juice comes out, you can proceed to the preparation of other vegetables. In the capacity for the multicooker pour vegetable oil and include the mode "Baking".
  4. While the capacity of the multicooker warms up, two onions are finely chopped. Then it is placed in a slow cooker and fry for 10 minutes, until a golden shade appears on it.
  5. Three carrots need to be peeled and grated. Then the carrots are added to a container with onions and fry for 5 minutes.
  6. Bulgarian peppers (4 pcs.) Cut into two parts, eliminate the seeds. Peppers cut into cubes and placed in a slow cooker.
  7. Five tomatoes are placed in boiling water, and then peeled off. The flesh of tomatoes cut into cubes.
  8. Eggplants are added to the slow cooker, pre-drain the water.
  9. After 10 minutes, you can add tomatoes to the vegetable mixture.
  10. Salt and spices will help to improve the taste of caviar. Be sure to add a few cloves of garlic, pre-chopped.
  11. Multicooker turn on the mode "Quenching" for 50 minutes. Depending on the power of the device, it may take less time to prepare the preforms.
  12. For the subsequent preservation under caviar the container is prepared.

Fast caviar in a slow cooker

In a slow cooker, you can cook delicious caviar according to the following recipe:

  1. Three eggplants are cut into half rings.
  2. Two tomatoes and three garlic cloves finely chopped. One sweet pepper and one onion must be cut into strips.
  3. A multi-cooker bowl is oiled, after which eggplants and other components are placed in it.
  4. The slow cooker is turned on for the “Quenching” mode and left for half an hour.
  5. After completion of the program, the finished vegetable mixture canned or used as a snack.

Caviar in the oven

Use the oven to speed up the process of cooking caviar:

  1. Three ripe eggplants should be well washed and wiped with a towel. Then the vegetables are pierced with a fork in several places and laid on a baking sheet. From above you can pour a little oil.
  2. Similarly, do with bell peppers (3 pcs.), Which need to be cut into two parts and eliminate the seeds.
  3. The oven is heated to 170 degrees and eggplants and peppers are placed in it.
  4. After 15 minutes you can get peppers from the oven.
  5. Ready eggplants get out of the oven after an hour and give them time to cool.
  6. With eggplant peel and cut into pieces. If vegetables produce juice, you need to pour it.
  7. Two small tomatoes cut into cubes, removing the pre-skin. To do this, they are placed for a few minutes in boiling water.
  8. One onion must be cut into rings. It is also necessary to chop three cloves of garlic, basil and cilantro.
  9. All resulting components are mixed in containers.
  10. In the dishes add 2 tsp. vinegar and 5 tbsp. l sunflower oil.
  11. Caviar is placed in the refrigerator for several hours to allow it to infuse.
  12. The finished dish is served as an appetizer.


Classic eggplant caviar is produced by adding tomatoes, carrots, onions, and sweet peppers while cooking. This combination of ingredients provides the familiar taste of eggplant caviar. This dish contains nutrients, is nourishing and low-calorie.

The classic recipe may vary depending on the method of preparation. Significantly simplify the process of cooking helps the use of the oven or microwave. Taste qualities of the blanks can be adjusted by adding sugar, salt, ground pepper and various spices.