Tomato Titan: reviews + photos


Many gardeners dream most of all of their early harvest, try to plant the most ultra-ripe varieties of vegetables in order to enjoy fresh vitamins as soon as possible and boast to their neighbors, or even sell the surplus on the market when the price of vegetables is still high. To others, all this haste is useless; they firmly believe that the earliest are never the most delicious, nor the most fruitful, of which, of course, there is a great deal of truth. And these others patiently wait for the ripening of late varieties, which, as a rule, are distinguished by the highest yields, the most intense taste, and the largest sizes. And sometimes all of these characteristics combined.

All of the above applies, of course, to tomatoes. Here are just growing late-ripening varieties of tomatoes in the open ground of the middle belt and more northern areas is fraught with a high probability that you can not wait for the harvest. Therefore, some varieties were specially created mainly for the southern regions of Russia, where a warm autumn makes it possible to extend the growing season of tomatoes and to obtain large yields of tomatoes in September and even sometimes in October in conditions of open ground. Tomato Titan, the characteristics and description of the variety of which are presented in this article, belongs to such tomatoes.

Variety description

It is a rather old variety of tomatoes, which was obtained in the early 80s of the last century by plant breeders at an experimental breeding station in the city of Krymsk, Krasnodar Territory, which is a branch of the North Caucasus Research Institute of Viticulture and Horticulture.

Where better to grow

In 1986, the tomato variety Titan was listed in the State Register of Russia with recommendations for growing in the open ground of the North Caucasus region. Since the variety is designed for growing primarily in the open field, it hardly makes sense to recommend growing it in greenhouse conditions in more northern regions. Indeed, in greenhouses, the lighting conditions are always somewhat lower than in open ground, and the nutritional area there is less than what is required by this variety.

A warning! Therefore, statements-recommendations about the possibility to grow tomatoes Titan in room conditions or on loggias just because the bushes are characterized by small size look especially strange.

For indoor conditions today created a large number of special varieties that are able to endure some lack of light and may well develop and give good yields in a limited soil volume. While these conditions are completely unacceptable for Titan tomatoes.

Tomato bushes

Plants are varieties of tomatoes are really characterized by a small height, about 40-50 cm. Tomato Titan is determinant and even stemming. This means that the development of the bush is completed after the formation of a certain number of fruit brushes, and at the top there is always a brush with fruits, and not a green shoot.

The bushes themselves are strong, with a thick central stem and large green leaves. The number of formed shoots and leaves is average, so the variety does not need to be staved, especially when grown in open ground. The first flower brush is formed after 5 or 7 leaves. The following brushes are laid every 2 sheets.

Ripening and yield

Grade Titan is different late maturation of the fruit - they begin to ripen only after 120-135 days after the appearance of full shoots.

For old varieties, the yield of tomato Titan could be called not just good, but even record. On average, from one bush you can get from 2 to 3 kg of fruits, and with good care to achieve and get 4 kg of tomatoes.

Even if you look at the number of marketable fruits, it goes from 5.5 to 8 kg per square meter. Very good performance for the variety, bred in the 80s of the last century.

Disease resistance

But in terms of resistance to adverse environmental factors, Titan varieties are not up to par. They are highly susceptible to late blight and are prone to stolbur. In addition to the almost lignified, fibrous pulp, which characterizes fruits affected by a virus called stolbur, the fruit of this variety often hardens in the tomatoes of this variety. They are characterized by moderate resistance to macrosporia and septoria.

In addition, Titan tomatoes do not like low temperatures, and are often subject to invasions of pests. However, with all these characteristics, as well as the tendency to cracking fruits, many old varieties of tomatoes sin. It is for these reasons that in recent decades, breeders have done a lot of work on the cultivation of improved varieties that will be spared from many of the shortcomings.

Brief description of the new variety

With tomato Tomato Titan also seriously worked and made significant improvements in many characteristics. True, this has already turned out a new variety and it was named Pink Titanium.

It was bred all on the same experimental selection station of the city of Krymsk in the Krasnodar Territory already in 2000, but in this case the authors of this tomato novelty are well known: Egisheva EM, Goryainova OD. and Lukyanenko O.A.

It was registered in the State Register in 2006 and the range of areas recommended for growing this tomato in the open field, has expanded thanks to the inclusion of the Lower Volga region in it.

The characteristics of the tomato bushes themselves remained similar to those of the Titan variety - standard, determinant, low. But the waiting times for the harvest have decreased - Rose Titanium can be safely attributed to mid-season and even mid-early varieties. From the emergence of seedlings to the first ripe fruits, about 100-115 days pass.

Breeders managed to get Rose Titanium from tomatoes and increase yields compared to the previous variety. On average, one square meter of planting can be collected 8-10, and up to a maximum of 12.5 kg of tomatoes.

And most importantly - it was possible to increase the resistance of tomatoes to adverse conditions and diseases. Tomatoes Pink titanium is no longer prone to stolbur damage, and resistance to other diseases has increased significantly. Tomatoes of this variety have a high yield of commercial fruits - up to 95%. Tomatoes are not prone to cracking and to defeat top rot.

Fruit Characteristic

Since the Pink Titan variety is, to some extent, an improved copy of the Titan tomato, the characteristics of the tomatoes of both varieties are given below, summarized for convenience in one table.

Characteristics of tomatoes

Grade Titan

Pink Titan variety

The form


Round, correct





Pretty tight




Smooth, thin

Size, weight

77-141 grams

91-168 (up to 214)

Flavor characteristics



The number of seed nests


More than 4

Dry matter content


4,0 - 6,2%

Total Sugar Content


2,0 -3,4%


For tomato preparations

For tomato preparations




It can also be noted that the tomatoes of both varieties are distinguished by sufficient uniformity of the fruits, as well as their good preservation, which is convenient for industrial cultivation and canning blanks.

Features of growing

It is advisable to grow tomatoes of both varieties through seedlings, although Pink Titan, due to its early ripeness, can be sown directly in the greenhouse, in order to later transplant tomato bushes to permanent beds.

For Titan, it is necessary to take a lot of additional measures to protect it from diseases from the very first days of the landing in open ground. The easiest way to use treatment is Phytosporin. This biological tool is absolutely harmless to humans, but rather effectively acts against most diseases of the nightshade.

Since the bushes of both varieties are small in size, they do not require either a garter or a shovel. They are planted on the beds, keeping the density of no more than 4-5 plants per square meter, otherwise the tomatoes may not have enough nutrition and light.

Reviews gardeners

Tomatoes of these varieties are not very popular among gardeners, although Pink Titan causes some positive feedback.

Elena, 49 years old, Khadyzhensk. Tomato seedlings. Titan was the most luxurious of all that I planted - large leaves of dark green color were decorated with strong solid and thick stems. However, after planting in the ground, the leaves began to curl into tubules, and the flowering was very weak. Fruits, too, were tied up weakly and reluctantly. I do not use chemical fertilizers at all, I feed either with humus, or with yeast, or ash. I decided with this grade to completely abandon the nitrogen-containing substances and by the end of the season I used only ash. The situation got better a little, but the fruits were still kind of tasteless, and half of them were struck with top rot. Olga, 50, Astrakhan Sowed the Pink Titan tomato by chance - she dug in her notes that she had once grown, and he liked it. Tomatoes are very impressed with their size, some were up to 300-400 grams. I also liked their taste very much - they were sweet and so delicious as they used to be in the old varieties. The only minus that can be noted is that they are a little cracked. But, perhaps, I myself am to blame, because I was too clever with watering. Natalya, 46 years old, Volgodonsk. I tried to plant Pink Titan and Pink Souvenir - small tomatoes and there is nothing outstanding in taste either.


Perhaps, for the last century, the variety of tomatoes Titan was very attractive, but now with an abundance of tomatoes available it makes more sense to grow the variety Pink Titan. It is more resistant and even higher yields.