Squash adjika for the winter "You will lick your fingers"


Many housewives mistakenly consider zucchini solely as a fodder crop. And in vain! After all, from this useful and dietary vegetables, you can cook a lot of delicious dishes, snacks and preservation. Probably, everyone has heard about squash caviar, but few hostesses know that you can make such sauce as adjika from squash. Adjika can be eaten as a separate dish, smeared on bread, used as a sauce for pasta or potatoes - there are lots of recipes.

The most delicious recipes adzhiki from zucchini - yum fingers - presented below in the article.

Spicy adjika from zucchini with apples

Very original sauce for the winter can be prepared from simple and affordable ingredients. You can take such adjika with you to the nature, eat with kebabs, use for sandwiches. Good adjika with apples and in winter, the sauce can be an excellent addition to pasta and porridge.

For the preparation of zucchini sauce with apples you will need the following products:

  • 5 kg of peeled zucchini;
  • kilogram of bell pepper, free from seeds;
  • about 15 pods of hot red pepper (the amount of pepper depends on the taste preferences of the family);
  • several heads of garlic;
  • kilogram of cored apples;
  • a kilo of carrots.
Attention! In the recipe of the zucchini sauce, it is the weight of the peeled products that is taken into account, since the output should be about 8-8.5 liters of the product.

All ingredients for squash adjika need to be cut into small pieces, then to pass through a meat grinder. Spices are added to ground products:

  • a glass of sugar;
  • half a liter of vegetable oil;
  • 5 tablespoons of salt.

Everything is thoroughly mixed and cooked on low heat for 30 minutes. After half an hour a glass of 9% vinegar is added to the squash mass, the adjika is boiled for another 3-5 minutes in a saucepan covered with a lid.

Now the sauce of zucchini need to spread on the banks. Tara is better to use sterile, as zucchini in conservation behave unpredictably. Banks are rolled up with sterile caps and turned upside down. As such, adzhika wraps itself in a warm blanket and costs at least a day. Then you can transfer squash adjika to the cellar.

Important! It is possible to store such adjika from zucchini even at room temperature. In this case, it is necessary to avoid light falling on the cans and place them away from the heaters.

Recipe adjika zucchini for the winter "Lick your fingers"

The classic recipe of this sauce does not contain vinegar, but in order not to fear for its seaming throughout the winter, it is better to add this ingredient. Vinegar - an excellent preservative, in addition, it adds spicy sourness to any dish, sharpens the natural taste and aroma of products.

Important! For cooking adzhika, as well as for caviar, you can use zucchini of any size.

Large “old” vegetables are even preferable to young zucchini with delicate skin and almost tasteless flesh.

To prepare zucchini for the winter in the form of aromatic adzhika, you need to take 3 kg of fresh zucchini, half a kilogram of carrots and multicolored sweet pepper. You will need one and a half kilograms of tomato, since the zucchini themselves will not turn into adjika, they need tomato sauce.

All vegetables must be washed and then chopped using a conventional meat grinder. Spices are added to the finished "mince":

  • two full spoons of salt;
  • half a cup of sugar;
  • 2.5 tablespoons of hot red pepper (those who do not like spicy, you need to halve the dose of pepper);
  • a glass of sunflower oil (better refined).
Tip! It is better to chop vegetables in a meat grinder, since the blender makes a uniform mashed potatoes, without pieces - this slightly spoils the taste of adzhiki from zucchini.

All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed and set on fire. After boiling, cook the sauce for about 30-35 minutes. Then 5-6 cleaned and chopped garlic heads are added to the total mass, boiled for another 5 minutes.

Squash adjika, in principle, is ready for use. But, if it is supposed to be rolled up for the winter, it is better to add half a cup of nine-percent vinegar, and then boil the sauce for another couple of minutes.

Now you can roll squash adjika in banks! It is possible to store such preparations both in a cellar, and in the storeroom of the usual apartment.

Adjika for the winter of young zucchini

This recipe for a more delicate and dietary adzhika involves the use of only very young zucchini, which do not yet have large seeds. For cooking adzhika need such components:

  • kilogram of young zucchini small;
  • kilogram of tomatoes;
  • 0.8-1 kg paprika;
  • 4-5 heads of garlic;
  • 5-7 hot peppers;
  • half a cup of vinegar (nine percent);
  • half a cup of sunflower oil;
  • one and a half tablespoons of salt.

The output should be about two liters of zucchini sauce.

Adjika for the winter is prepared from washed and purified products. It is recommended to grind all vegetables to such a size that the slices fit in the neck of the meat grinder. The ingredients are ground in a meat grinder and poured into a large enamel pan.

Tip! It is even better to use for cooking adjika cauldron with a thick bottom, so the mixture will not burn.

Adjika put on the fire and bring to a boil, now it needs to be salted. It is recommended not to pour out all the salt at once, it is better to first pour half the dose, and at the end of cooking, add some zucchini sauce to taste.

Boil squash adjika must be at least an hour, on low heat, stirring constantly. After an hour, add vinegar and turn off the fire. It remains to pour the sauce on the sterilized jars and roll them lids.

Recipe zucchini adzhika with tomato juice

Ordinary adjika is prepared on the basis of tomatoes; it is in this form that we are used to seeing this sauce. Squash adjika is not inferior to tomato: it is just as aromatic, tasty and nutritious.

Important! The undoubted advantage of non-standard zucchini sauce is the cost of these vegetables. And there are zucchini penny penny, compared with the price of tomatoes, the savings are obvious.

But to completely abandon the use of tomatoes in the preparation of adzhika not worth it: tomatoes give the sauce juiciness, flavor and color. In this recipe, it is proposed to add ready-made juice from tomatoes. The general list of ingredients is:

  • five pounds of large zucchini;
  • a kilo of carrots;
  • half a liter of tomato juice (pitted or with pits);
  • a glass of garlic cloves;
  • a glass of sugar;
  • half a liter of sunflower oil;
  • spoon ground red pepper;
  • a stack of salt;
  • three stacks of vinegar (in this recipe use 6 percent vinegar).

All vegetables should be washed, peeled, the core of the pepper removed. Products are cut into small slices and minced. It is the meat grinder that allows you to get a mass with characteristic grains, this method of grinding vegetables is most preferable.

The squash mass is put into a saucepan, all the spices are added, the butter is mixed, and brought to a boil. Boil zucchini sauce should be covered, for at least 50-60 minutes. Banks are prepared in advance, washed and sterilized by boiling water or in another convenient way. Sealing caps must also be sterilized.

When adjika is cooked, it is poured into cans and rolled. It is recommended to keep seaming in a warm dark place for the first day, after which they can be taken to the basement, to the loggia or to the pantry.

Recipe for spicy adjika zucchini

Fans of spicy food just like this sauce from the usual zucchini. Prepare it with the addition of hot pepper and garlic. Among other things, you need the following ingredients:

  • 2.5 kg zucchini medium size;
  • 0.5 kg of bell pepper of any color;
  • 0.5 kg of carrots;
  • 0.5 kg of red apples (green apples are better not to use, this can make the adjika more acidic);
  • several heads of garlic;
  • 0.2 kg of hot peppers;
  • parsley and dill;
  • a stack of sugar;
  • half-salt pods;
  • a glass of refined oil;
  • A stack of 9% vinegar.

Banks for squash sauce must be sterilized. It is possible for these purposes to use a large pot of water and a grate from the oven of the stove. On the lattice put a half-liter jars, turning them neck down. Water is brought to a boil and hold the banks over the steam for several minutes.

Important! Do not remove the jars from the grid until the condensate begins to flow down their inner walls.

All vegetables are peeled and minced, then passed through a meat grinder. Add spices to the sauce and simmer for about an hour. After cooking, you can pour adjika from courgettes into sterile jars and roll up.

Fragrant preparations for the winter are ready!

All recipes are yummy fingers, each housewife will be able to choose the most suitable method of cooking squash adjika. In winter, this sauce will be an excellent help, because you can use it instead of store ketchup, mix it with fresh macaroni, eat during fasting and even treat children. Squash adjika is useful for everyone, moreover, it is very tasty!