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Wood splitter from the engine of the washing machine do it yourself


Many owners of private apartments and houses in modern Russia are forced to use wood or coal for heating. Wooden ovens today are used quite widely in heating various rooms. So that winter does not turn out to be cold, it is necessary to harvest firewood.

In the presence of health and time, you can use the ax, however, if you can not, you can turn on the imagination and make a wood splitter from an old washing machine.

The choice of design

In comparison with the manual chopping of firewood, working with a wood splitter is much easier and more convenient. Such work does not require a lot of effort in raising chocks and swinging heavy tools. When working with a wood splitter, it is only necessary to serve hemp. All the hard work is done by the mechanism. Before assembling a wood splitter with your own hands, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions and features of the work. First, you should decide on the design of the device. There are several common options:

  • wood splitter equipped with a hydraulic system;
  • a device having a rack-type mechanism;
  • wood splitter with a stepped screw design.

After all the options have been considered, it can be concluded that a screw splitter can be performed more easily and quickly. It is compact and easy to assemble. There are not many elements in it, the splitting process is characterized by high speed. Due to the presence of a screw wood splitter, the work can be significantly accelerated. First you need to understand the design of the wood splitter.

Such a device has several main parts:

  • frame;
  • cone;
  • motor, borrowed from the washing machine;
  • drive mechanism.

The principle of the homemade wood splitter is very simple. The motor from the washing machine will transmit force to the small pulley. The stump is pushed on the cone sideways. As a result, it splits in half. The design is easy to assemble with your own hands. However, before starting work, you should select certain materials.

Comment! When feeding chocks on the cone, the end part of the wood will fall between the cone and the frame. It may jam, which will lead to breakage of the wood splitter.

Selection of materials

To perform the work you will need to prepare a small list of tools. In addition, you must have basic skills with electric welding equipment. From the tools you need to prepare:

  • welding machine and electrodes;
  • pliers;
  • drill;
  • anvil and vice;
  • ruler;
  • grinding wheel;
  • files and screwdrivers.

Find all suitable materials will be more difficult. One of the main details of the design is the cone. Such an item is not usually sold in a store. However, to create it in the domestic environment is quite problematic. First, this part must be machined, cut into a thread on a cone, hold in the oven and cool in water. This technology creates certain difficulties for making a cone with your own hands. However, there is another option. In any city you can find shops that sell cones designed specifically for home-made wood splitters. In addition, there you can find all the necessary parts for such a device. A large and small pulley, bearings, gearbox and shaft should be purchased.

In addition to these elements, you will need to create a strong bed. It can be welded from metal corners. In addition, for the bed you will need a steel sheet and cardan suspension of an old car. It can be purchased on parsing for a symbolic price. In order to conveniently move the wood splitter, it will be necessary to attach the wheels to the frame. It is better that they be from a gurney or bicycle. It remains to find another detail - the motor. It can be taken from an old washing machine. Without engine operation of the device is impossible. For this reason, you should find the old washer and remove its electric motor. To make sure that it works, you should use a multimeter. In addition, to fasten parts with each other will need to stock up on bolts and nuts.

Firewood assembly

Making a splitter with your own hands can be pretty quickly. Thanks to this device, you can forget about the hard work on chopping wood. It is necessary to begin work with performance of a strong bed. To do this, using the grinder, you need to cut into a corner:

  • 2 parts - 1.4 m each;
  • 4 parts - 20 cm;
  • one piece - 45 cm.

After that, you need to put 2 parts of 1.4 on the floor in parallel. They must be placed at a distance of 45 cm. The ends of the long corners are welded with the letter "P". Then one should retreat from the welded joint 90 cm and weld the gimbal detail between the corners. Then the steel sheet is laid and welded. It remains to make the legs. They are located on the edges of the bed. Subsequently, wheels are attached to them. After that, you can do the gear. Insert the shaft into the gimbal element. Pulleys are put on it.

The most responsible is the next stage. Then the small pulley is put on the motor shaft. It is necessary to fix the motor in such a way that it is installed as securely as possible. This is due to the fact that in the process of operation the splitter vibration is inevitable. Pulleys are connected with a belt. At the free end of the shaft should wear eared bearings. And securely screwed to the metal sheet. After that, the engine is connected to the machine. You can later connect the power cord to it. Once this work is done, you should check how the motor works in tandem with the gearbox. If jamming and slippage is not noticed, you can install a cone.

Attention! Before using the new drovokolny device, you should watch the video, how to work with it correctly.

Spiral cleaver is a great helper in the household. It saves time and effort. When using it, you can forget about the hard work of harvesting firewood. In order not to get confused during assembly, you can draw an approximate scheme of the structure.