Tomato Tsar Bell: reviews, photos, yield


Tomatoes Tsar Bell valued for excellent taste and large size. Below is a description, reviews, photos and yield of tomato Tsar Bell. The variety is characterized by early ripening and compact bushes. Plants are grown in open areas, and under various types of shelters.

Features grade

Characteristics and description of tomato variety Tsar Bell:

  • average ripening period;
  • determinant shrub;
  • bush height from 0.8 to 1 m;
  • large dark green leaves;
  • the first ovary develops over 9 leaves, further - after 1-2 leaves.

The fruits of the Tsar Bell variety have the following characteristics:

  • heart shape;
  • bright red color at maturity stage;
  • average weight of 200-350 g;
  • maximum weight 600 g;
  • meaty pulp;
  • good sweet taste.

Tomatoes Tsar Bell belong to the salad type. They are used to prepare snacks, salads, sauces, first and second courses.

Important! The average yield of the variety is 8.6 kg per 1 sq. Km. m landings. With the introduction of dressings and constant watering, the yield increases to 18 kg.

Tomatoes are picked green and stored at room temperature, where they ripen quickly. In home-made products, the variety is used to produce tomato juice and mixed vegetables.

Getting seedlings

Tomatoes Tsar Bell grow by seedling. First, seeds are germinated at home. The resulting seedlings are transferred under cover or directly to the beds.

Planting seeds

For planting tomatoes Tsar Bell prepare fertile soil, fertilized with compost. For culture, you can use the purchased soil intended for seedlings. An alternative option is to plant tomatoes in peat pots.

Tip! For disinfection, garden soil is steamed in a microwave and an oven.

Seeds of the Tsar Bell variety are placed in a moistened cloth for a couple of days. You can accelerate the emergence of shoots with the help of any growth stimulant.

If the seeds of tomatoes Tsar Bell have a bright color, they do not need additional processing. Such planting material is covered with a nutrient sheath containing substances necessary for the development of sprouts.

The prepared soil is filled with containers. Tomatoes have enough containers with a height of up to 15 cm. Seeds are placed on the soil surface with an interval of 2 cm. Seeds are covered with earth or peat 1.5 cm thick.

Important! Capacity needs to be covered with a film or glass to create a greenhouse effect, then left in a dark place.

At temperatures above 25 degrees, seed germination takes 2-3 days. When shoots appear, the containers are moved to a window sill or other illuminated place.

Conditions for seedlings

Tomato seedling Tsar Bell is actively developing with the provision of certain conditions:

  • temperature regime in the daytime: 20-25 degrees, at night - 10-15 degrees;
  • constant soil moisture;
  • access to fresh air in the absence of drafts;
  • lighting for half a day.

Moisture the soil as it dries. Water the tomatoes with a spray bottle. It is necessary to use warm distilled water. Before the formation of 4-5 leaves in plants, they are watered weekly. In the future, moisture is applied every 3 days.

When a Tsar bell appears in a seedling of tomatoes, a 2-3 leaf will appear, it swoops in separate containers. If the seeds are planted in cups, then a pick is not required.

Tip! If the seedling has a depressed appearance, it is fed with a solution of the drug Kornerost (1 tsp. To 1 liter of water).

A couple of weeks before planting, tomatoes are prepared to change growing conditions. Gradually reduce the intensity of irrigation, and the seedlings are transferred to fresh air. First, the plants are kept on the balcony or loggia for 2 hours, gradually increasing this period.

Planting tomatoes

Tomatoes Tsar Bell are planted on prepared beds in an open area or in a greenhouse. Plants that have reached a height of 30 cm should be transplanted. Such tomatoes have about 7 leaves and begin to bloom. Before planting, the plants remove 3 lower leaves to ensure uniform lighting of the tomatoes.

Tip! Tomatoes Tsar Bell transferred to a permanent place in April or May, when the soil and the air warms up thoroughly.

Soil for landing is prepared in the fall. They dig it up, make compost, potash and phosphate fertilizers. Tomatoes are planted after cucumbers, melons and gourds, root crops, sideratov, cabbage. It should not be two years in a row to plant tomatoes, as well as after potatoes, eggplants or peppers.

Tomatoes Tsar Bell are planted in prepared holes. Between the plants observe a gap of 40 cm, rows are organized after 60 cm. It is recommended to place the tomatoes in a checkerboard pattern. As a result, plants are given access to sunlight.

Tomatoes Tsar Bell is transferred to the ground along with a clod of earth. The roots of the plant sprinkled with earth, which is lightly tamped. Then tomatoes are plentifully watered.

Grade Care

With constant care tomatoes Tsar Bell give a good harvest and are not subject to disease. For planting care by watering, making dressings and the formation of the bush.

Plants are tied to a wooden or metal support near the top. The soil under the tomatoes is loosened and mulched with straw or compost.

Watering tomatoes

After planting, the Tsar Bell begins to be watered at 7-10 days. This period is necessary for the adaptation of plants to external conditions.

Tsar Bell tomatoes are watered as follows:

  • before the formation of ovaries - once a week using 4 liters of water under a bush;
  • with fruiting, twice a week with 3 liters of water.

After adding moisture, the greenhouse is aired to prevent increased humidity and the development of fungal diseases.

Tomatoes are watered with warm water, which is warmed and settled in containers. Under the influence of cold water, plants develop more slowly.

Plant nutrition

Tomatoes Tsar bell fed up several times per season. At the beginning of the growing season, plants need nitrogen. Subsequently, potassium and phosphorus are introduced under the bushes to strengthen the root system and improve the taste of the fruit.

Tsar Bell tomatoes are fed according to a certain pattern:

  • 14 days after transplanting tomatoes, a liquid mullein, diluted with water at a ratio of 1:15, is introduced;
  • after the next 2 weeks, fertilize the tomatoes with a solution of superphosphate and potassium salt (30 g of each substance per large bucket of water);
  • when ripe, tomatoes are fed with a solution of humates (1 tablespoon per bucket of water).

Mineral dressings can be replaced with wood ash. It is buried in the ground or added to water during watering.

Forming a bush

Grade Tsar bell form, to form one or two stems. Eliminate subject to stepchildren growing from the leaf sinus.

The first pasynkovan perform after transfer of tomatoes in the ground. The plants break off the lateral processes, and leave up to 3 cm in length. The procedure is carried out in the morning every week.

When the ripening of fruits begins, the lower leaves are eliminated on the bushes. This improves the access of air and reduces the humidity in the greenhouse.

Protection against diseases and pests

Variety Tsar Bell differs resistance to diseases of tomatoes. With the observance of agricultural engineering, regular airing and rationing of irrigation, the spread of fungal diseases can be avoided. For the prevention of planting sprayed with fungicides Quadris or Fitosporin.

Tomatoes are attacked by aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies, wireworms. From pests apply folk remedies: tobacco dust, infusions on the onion and garlic husk. Insecticides also help to get rid of insects.

Gardeners reviews

Dmitry, 47 years old, Krasnodar. According to reviews, photos and yields of tomato Tsar Bell is considered one of the best varieties for open ground. I grow tomatoes for home-made and for sale. The variety is very pleasant, the fruits are large and fleshy. They make delicious salads and juice for the winter. I definitely single out a place on my plot for them. Maxim, 55 years old, Kursk. For several years I have been growing a variety of tomatoes at the dacha Tsar Bell. I bought the first seeds in the store, now I use my own. They quickly germinate and give strong shoots. Unlike other varieties, the Tsar Bell does not crack. Phytophthora and apical rot also did not appear on the tomatoes. I advise you for planting, according to reviews and photos of a tomato Tsar Bell is very appreciated for its large size and unusual shape. Love, 43 years old, Togliatti. If you prefer juicy and large tomatoes, be sure to try the Tsar Bell variety. Last year, selected reviews and photos of the tomato Tsar Bell for planting in open ground. The variety was early ripening, the first harvest was harvested in late August. All the fruits are large and tasty, the children really liked. Bushes are small, but you need to tie them up. Harvested a good harvest, ate the tomatoes all fall.


According to the description and characteristics, the variety of tomato Tsar Bell is unpretentious and needs minimal care. Fruits of a grade possess fine taste which remains and when processing.